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  1. Greetings all. Version 1 of Mission 4 of Operation Scorpion has been submitted. Mission Briefing: Hanover Germany Day 3 of the War. SITUATION: An hour and a half ago American forces together with BAOR forces fought off a large attack from Soviet Guard armor. The final wave is expected soon with reinforcements. American forces are running low on ammunition and must proceed to the west to reload allowing the BAOR forces to defend. The enemy knows this. The enemy also has good data on BAOR positions aside from first platoon to the north. Expect a full-on armored fist with the best the enemy has. Watch your flanks as well. MISSION: Hold the airfield at all costs. The only option left is to go nuclear to stop the Soviet armored attack. If we can hold here we can counter-attack in 2 days when 2nd AD arrives from the US mainland. If Soviet forces break phase-line gauntlet it's all over. COMMS: "Condor" - Company commander - Cobra "Sword 6" BAOR force leader- Matsimus "Granite" - BAOR 1st platoon leader- Falcon BMS God of wind Ghostdog688 "Dagger" - Cobra "Claymore" - Figmo 92 "Mace"- Rob Evans "Griffen" - Cobra "Bristol" - Cobra "Rattlesnake" Apache flight section 2 - Dunadan "Poptop" Apache flight section 1- FalconKPD "Recoil 1" - Bushido Devil Dog "Torch" - Tim Sielback "Hammer" - Cobra ----------------------------------------------- From the creator: Welcome to hell. This is it, as tough as it gets. No one likes to retreat but now it's time. Soviet forces are too plentiful and it's time to use terrain to your defensive advantage. Fall back and choose defensive position for the armored hammer approaching. -USE YOUR INFANTRY IN WOODED AREAS! -APACHES ARE POWERFUL! USE THEM, RELOAD THEM, USE THEM AGAIN. There is ammunition on the runway to restock them. Stand-off ranges only! -Arty is available! Put down lines of DPICM. -You need to re-load your M1A1s. Locate all your resupply assets and then allow the reloading to complete. BAOR forces are ready to go but don't send them out to the east. You'll regret it! Remember... DEFEND GAUNTLET! -Forget out-flanking the enemy on this one... that would be like trying to outflank an ocean. Defend with MULTIPLE LINES! Soviet doctrine is to overwhelm, break through and then EXPLOIT the break. The mission will show an ending message and audio file if the enemy breaches the gauntlet line but for some reason SB Pro will not end the mission if enough of the enemy is killed. I have consulted the forums and as of this build no one has any explanations. If the enenmy breaches the gauntlet line you will get a nice audio reminder of the nuclear fire-war to come. All my thanks to all my voice-donators for all four missions. Thank you all. Have fun.
  2. Officially trying to end with the Blue End Mission when red forces crosses a user-defined region.
  3. Okay! Mine just keeps going like the energizer bunny! Hmmmmmm.....
  4. Greetings all. I have a "blue mission end" condition if any red forces enter a custom region. -The test enemy unit triggers the event -I get the mission text I wrote with the trigger -The mission keeps running. ????????????????????????????????
  5. Any ETA on the cool higher definition terrain?
  6. Figured it out. 1.Create an "embark if" routing using specific unit identification of the infantry squads. 2. Be sure you have the helo set to "Stay" at it's landing bracket, don't leave tactic as "none." 3. Have the helo ALSO set to embark based on it's unit identification. VOILA!
  7. Advice on getting a helo to dismount troops and then head out and NOT have the infantry run after it? : D
  8. Cobra speaks from his heart....
  9. Releasing it here early... what the hell. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_o5UnnEGdxfbmphSDQyYnI5TEE/view?usp=sharing
  10. The two BRDM2s hang back because Soviet doctrine had 2 out of 3 press forward while one maintains contact with them. I'm just going on real life tactical doctrine from 1989.
  11. Everyone plays it different... The scenario is flexible.
  12. Well that squelch is a REAL motorola radio so... I guess I can try.
  13. Version 1.03 ends when less than 3 enemy forces left. Oops... just saw your response.
  14. First of all, there ARE NO BTRs IN THIS ENTIRE MISSION. What are you talking about? The mission should end when you have less than 3 enemy units alive, this does NOT count the artillery and tunguska.. You must not have gotten everyone. Just saying. The briefing is fine - this is a hasty defense counter-recon mission. I've marked the avenues of advance - that's about all you would know for a mission like this. You just arrived to the AO 20 minutes before. The UAV is a OH-58D kiowa warrior. It's time on station is limited and it's only purpose is to spot arty for the the counter-battery fire. That's it. There was a Tunguska in the region that will nail your Kiowa if you fly it too close to Buzzer. The UAV/Kiowa is invisible to it's ONLY targets... the 2S1s. Everyone with an AK-74 can see and shoot at it. Why were you wasting your artillery on individual BMPs? Better yet... why are you using HE on single BMPs when an advancing main regiment is the next mission? The enemy advance guard arrives just like it should, with BRDMs first, then BMP-2s then tanks.
  15. Version 1.01 up tomorrow. Should have more of a wait for Brit forces and a Mission Over - Well Done message for an ending.
  16. Nice job!! The missions increase with difficulty. 2 is easy. 3 is medium as long as you don't lose your nerve. 4.... well.... MUAH HA HA HA HA!
  17. Version 1.01 up tomorrow... sleep.... now.... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.
  18. Version 1.0.2


    Operation Scorpion Part 3 - Contact with advance guard Hanover Germany Day 3 of the War. SITUATION: Roughly 2 hours ago the advance guard of a Soviet armored regiment probed the area to the north and east of the airport. While your forces inflicted serious damage on their recon efforts, no doubt a route was radioed back to the main force to the east. The armored fist of the best armor the Soviets have is on its way. Your forces have replenished themselves. Condor's plan is to position bradley forces with ATGM support to the far east utilizing cover while primary tank platoons hold back as intelligence develops. One strip of FASCAM is available. A-10A Warthog support may be available soon for gun runs. BAOR forces from the north-west are approaching but there is no current ETA. Slow and destroy as much attacking armor as you can. We figure roughly half the regiment can fit through those passages to the east so we are looking at roughly 14 platoons.... or more. You have M109 support but keep it accurate. Well.... at least it has stopped raining. COMMS: "Condor" - Company commander - you (voiced by Cobra) "Bloodhound" - Avenger commander- Sgt. Polaski (voiced by Irishtank42 USA) "BRAVO 21" - Medical m113 - Lt. Stevenson (voiced by Alex Hahn USMC) "Snake" - XO 1st Lt. Argenson (voiced by Cobra) "Hammer" - 1st platoon leader 1st Lt. Daniels - (voiced byTim Sielbeck) "Torch" - 2nd tank platoon leader Sgt. Wilkinson (voiced by Alex Hahn USMC) "Recoil" - 3rd platoon bradley leader 1st Lt Dearborn (voiced by FalconKPD) "Colt" - 4th platoon bradley leader Master Sergeant Hawkins (voiced by Krause) "Fox" - Forward observer group (voiced by Alex Hahn) "Spur"- Ranger Recon (voiced by Dunadan) "Six" - Colonel Chaffee at the TOC (voiced by Cobra) "Snout" - A-10 pilot (voiced by FalconKPD) "Sword 6" - BAOR Task force leader (voiced by Matsimus) "Gaintlet" - BAOR 1st platoon leader (voiced by Falcon BMS God of wind Ghostdog688) ----------------------------------------------- From the creator: All Soviet forces are randomized for replay value. You have ONE strip of FASCAM..... ONE. Try to order more than one and you'll kill the mission. This is only HALF of a reinforced Soviet armored regiment... mission 4 has the rest with.... surprises. Challenger 2s with 1989 ammunition and no TIS is the best I can do with stand-ins for Chieftains. I apologize the Brits are not in proper uniform. Version 1.01 will give you an end of mission message after enough of the enemy has been serviced. Please understand that the message will be in the lower hud.... the scenario will NOT end. All scenario shut-down logic slots are used to ensure people don't cheat with multiple FASCAM strikes. A special thanks to all those who contributed their voices to this mission. All my best. Have fun.
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