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  1. Logitech G940 with force feedback for SB Pro. Thrustmaster Warthog for flight sims. Period.
  2. This was some of the best analysis I have ever seen. I read the T-72 article but this was the first time I've seen T-80U speculation. You are THE MAN!
  3. Updated. Same effect. I can barely see coax tracers but only at extreme distance against a black thermal sky.
  4. I didn't know August was nailed down as the next possible. Thanks.
  5. Any news? Just doing my daily check-in friends.
  6. Version 2.12


    April 2nd 1987 SITUATION: Arrival of Pershing 2 missiles in this sector will put a boot on the neck of the Soviets to come to the degotiating table to end this war in the next 48 hours. The missiles are moving now and will be deployed 30 klicks to the south-west. Reagan is in negotiation with what could be new Soviet leadership as we speak but the scuttlebutt is that the Soviet generals are no longer taking orders after what could have possibly a coup. The only thing we know right now gentlemen is that the fastest way end this thing without all the pistols firing is to make damn sure the eastern flank of those Pershing 2s is secure. The bad news is there is a fair change the Russkies saw the missiles arriving and recent intercepted GRU squak says they know the general area where they will be deployed. Remaining East German forces may react as well but they are pretty shattered at the moment. Don't count them out. The Air Force says that it's experimenting with some weird kind of ground-searching radar called.... JSTARS? Probably doesn't work but they told 2nd AD that there is vehicular movement coming from the east fast. Our mission is to stop any soviet force from breaking out into the deployment zone to the south-west. Period. Now... the good news. With all the snow melting we've got over-flooded waterways. There is only so many ways an armorded force can get through this terrain. We need to establish choke-points and hold them. Artillery is available but has expended all DPICM at this time. Get going Captain. Study your map and come up with a course of action... but don't take too much time.
  7. How's that DCS schedule working out for you by the way? Vegas was supposed to have gone Beta LAST DECEMBER. Nils, I trust you. Always have.
  8. I'm encountering weird reloading behavior in my Brads; it occurs when I am the gunner and have fired one TOW and have one left in the launcher. If I switch to the TOW reticle the AI BC immediately orders reload. There is nothing more irritating when you have a tank in sight, it's life and death and your BC decides essentially to drop your pants in front of him and shout "SHOOT ME." Has anyone else seen this happen? By the time you have ordered to cancel the reload (usually with a steady stream of profanity) you are dead or, if lucky, pulled the smoker grenades and tried to hide. I thought this problem had been fixed a long time ago.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    A simple voice attack profile for changing shape and size of formations using voice commands. Simple driver commands like "reverse, roll out, driver stop, right, left" etc. You can also order the embarkation/loading of troops. Modify it as you see fit. Enjoy all!
  10. Well the "orange ball of death" was what Israelis described (not in those goofy words of course) AT-3s looking like as they flew toward them so those old visuals in SB Pro were based on real combat. However.... I agree that better rocket motors mean a lower signature. Leave it to man to find a better way to kill himself. 4.0 is going to mean extra eyes looking for launches to be sure. ; )
  11. If I wanted all my key-bindings all ready to go for the full 4.0 reinstall.... a. will old key mappings still work b. what file is it? I want to slam the hatch shut and GO when she comes out!
  12. All emblems are future unit designations on custom skins.
  13. Okay Okay... I was a little disappointed in getting the M-60 upgrade instead of one of my dream Soviet- Era tanks in 4.0 until I SAW this beauty.... My buddy Dan was all excited. Now I'm sold on her.
  14. Roiteous!!!!!! Two questions: Will we see crew in the Abrams? Will there be a way besides blue/red we can put different textures on the same vehicle type?
  15. Are you serious.... snipers were added but not an m-60 mg?
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