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  1. Here you go bro. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bw3MjoPh72q8ZUNKQmZzN0FqOEk/view?usp=sharing
  2. LOL! Amen to that. Still waiting for decent code to deploy troops from hueys!
  3. Wow.... just....... wow. Christmas in June.
  4. Always learning here. Thanks all.
  5. Looks like T-80 road wheels.
  6. Balancing speed, mobility, firepower and protection... not an easy task!
  7. You got that right about the myths! These two pinheads got on my case when I told them that you can't engage ground targets over the engine deck. Oh... they know EVERYTHING! I'm the biggest moron on the planet!!! Whatever.... I KNEW you can't shoot at anything directly behind you in the Abrams because SB Pro models it so well. I had lost all mobility from an RPG strike in a scenario. I had a T-72 rolling behind me showing me his flank. I had a perfect shot on him and I couldn't make it because of the engine deck switch. I'll remember that moment always. LOL. Nothing I could do. A friend of mine in Colorado served as an Abrams driver and gunner. He told me that when those sabots fly only Sir Isaac Newton can tell you where they will end up.
  8. I heard about a chance of debris being sucked into the intake if fired to the rear. You'd be aiming into the sky though. LOL.
  9. It's never the safest to fire sabot over the rear because of the "petals?"
  10. I am correct in that the Abrams cannot fire over the rear engine deck right?
  11. My silly Mythbusters/Steelbeasts Pro vid is my channel's new trailer.
  12. Any updates in 2016 to look forward to?
  13. What is the listed key command and macro for the magnification of the M1A1 SEP's commander's independent thermal viewer?
  14. THIS...... IS...... AWESOME!!!!!!! Thank you Esim!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. cobrabase


    Wow wow wow wow wow!!!!
  16. Can you suggest a desert theme KNOWN to work with the m109 skin?
  17. My goofy little video series I keep slowly creating...
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