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  1. All files in question are DDS. Has anyone tried to replicate the problem? Someone just grab the M109 desert skin and try it in their sim. I don't know why it doesn't work for me.
  2. Did it. Still a no go for just desert skins.... odd. Is there an administrator setting I have to change? I've never seen this weirdness before. Tried both the game directory folder and the mods folder for my primary C: folder. All my modded M113 skins and M1a1 skins in woodland, winter and autumn folders have no issues, but when it comes to desert something weird happens.
  3. Thanks MAJ FUBAR but still have issues with a few; tried these in both the mod folder and directly adding them to the texture folder of my main game directory. Stock always still runs. No workie for me: desert M109 http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/335/p13_fileid/2180 desert hummer http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_sectionid/290/p13_fileid/1235 couldn't find any desert M1064A3 skins but did try an assortment of desert skin packs for general m113 bodies - no go. All stock is seen. This worked no prob! Dirty Ass MT-55 http://www.steelbeasts.com/Downloads/p13_secti
  4. Just drop them in mods\textures\desert correct?
  5. Stock skins are too gray for my taste. The best desert skins for M109s and M113s in the download section are for SB2 so I assume they won't work for 3. Ideas or anything in the works?
  6. It.... is... AWESOME.
  7. Thank 1-dragon for that one - he did all the work!
  8. Cruise out of the motorpool... Let it load to high rez.
  9. cobrabase

    M1A2 Woodland

    CIP panels are apparently the hardest to make. It looks great!
  10. cobrabase

    M1A2 OIF skin

    Yeah, I think they are away from the screen right now. I'm still waiting for a few scenarios to pop up.
  11. cobrabase

    M1A2 OIF skin

    WAS JUST LOOKING FOR A NEW DESERT SEP SKIN! Thank you! You upload it? Can't wait.
  12. T-72BV was also SLIGHTLY better armored than the T-80BV. : )
  13. For god's sake get rid of the MG3 with the troops. They look so great now the weird generic MG just looks out of place. How about a M249 as an option or the M60? A SIMPLE U.S. MLRS A better first person view from a squadleader's position with ARMA-like troop orders regarding formations and behavior would be nice. craters from arty (never going to happen probably, but had to ask) OH-58D rain and snow effects Being able to detonate some mines with 7.62mm MG fire. Having remnant unexploded DPICM bomblets left after a strike. NEVER do all these bomblets always explode. They make the area ver
  14. Following Russia's strategy eh? Building a fake carrier..... ZING!
  15. They have been saying they will remove the A-10 from service for 23 years... still counting. The B-52... OMG... forever. Don't panic.
  16. Sorry man, I have not been checking. Looks great to me, but I'm at work and will have to run it to test it. Thanks for the hard work!
  17. The lighting now... wow.... just, wow. Well done.
  18. German '88 gunners after a timewarp?
  19. Little docu-tribute I made on our favorite ugly airplane, the A-10.
  20. Anyone tested the old "blue-lit" internal night mod on the SEP? I can't imagine it working right with the new panel changes and the gun firing animation. Anyone going to update it?
  21. It worked for the T-80U. What about acceleration? I wonder how it is affected. The gas turbine always had great acceleration. Thoughts?
  22. Keep in mind that Zaloga was writing for the U.S. DOD. He speaks Russian and is quite the expert on armor. Also keep in mind that he is writing for the DOD as his customer-base. He uses the US DOD nomenclature (no matter how wrong it was to reality when compared in hind-site in the present by Damian) because the troops aren't going to speak Russian nor were the official Russian designations always known during the cold war. To say that Steven Zaloga "does not have the greatest knowledge about Soviet tanks at all" is petty IMO. The entire video is to demonstrate from the late 1980s the d
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