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  1. Kev.... your avatar.... priceless. It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World. "Benji! Don't freeze!!!!!!"
  2. That's possible. I'm using the "new" arty system. Half the time the in progress saves freeze my sim.
  3. Made an in-progress save last night playing Zipuli's "No time for Beer" mission. It loaded fine when I came back to it tonight but than I realized my artillery had been taken away. Every firemission I phoned in I get a perpetual "waiting for authorization." I decided to load the mission in the scenatio editor - I confirmed all the arty settings were as before. Sim crashed as I tried to load that same in-progress save after that. Has anyone ever seen this problem before? More details here.
  4. Okay... that sounds so..... nevermind.
  5. They're not thin enough.... lol....
  6. Crap. Same issue. Okay. I did a reinstall and will try again tomorrow.
  7. Okay coach, send me back in, I'm ready to give it another try after work. : )
  8. Done it. Same issue. The decals go in our non-documents folder inside the esim directory correct? There is a folder discrepancy in the instructions as well.... one is marked "normals." I don't mean to nit-pick... I'm not like that, just trying to figure out where I goofed.
  9. Coach... I've got a problem. What did I do wrong here....
  10. Version 1.0


    Fictional mission taking place around 2004 between east and west. A salient along our southern flank exists among swampy lowlands and heavily bombed and mined roads. Whoever controls this salient and takes the town might tip the fight to their side. Drive the enemy force off this miserable strip of land and maybe we'll all go home a little sooner! Threats include modern Russian armor, dug in infantry, helo/arty support and a few surprises. You may call on Apache support if needed but I advise only in an emergency. Your forces include 2 platoons of the latest version of the Abrams, the M1A2 SEP. You also have been granted 2 platoons of mech infantry, a mortar platoon and a section of M109A3s stand ready with firesupport. KEEP THEM ALIVE!. 10th Mountain UH-60Ls are waiting to be called in to relieve you of babysitting the town but only if you can take it in the first place. You also have mine-clearing equipment but use it where you need it - once it's gone, it's gone. Oh... there are a few surprises. You move at 7AM. Good luck Captain. You'll need it.
  11. Yikes... Already uploaded the 2 scenarios to the primary location. Attaching now. OPERATION POWER SURGE.......rar Red Horde.rar
  12. No problem. It's occurred in another scenario as well. You want those missions in the conventional uploads section?
  13. If choosing a non-damaged armor icon on the map warps you to a single soldier on another planet with crazy colors.... you're just a feature. ; P
  14. That's a negative ghostrider. Look in the corners of the vehicles when they work. No radio damage.
  15. Operation Powersurge. Single player.
  16. This spontaneously happens... one cannot jump between jumpable units. I caught it on fraps http://youtu.be/FthlFtSHzEw
  17. Awesome work... and... HEY! I play in Winter! LOL!
  18. Are you watching Steelbeastscav? The mod gives you better contrast with the external environment. I like it. Why are people complaining? I guess they wanted Ghost Recon X-ray vision. LOL!
  19. This one is horribly painted.... But a bunch of high-schoolers restored this M-60 to its semi-former glory.
  20. Wow.... just.... wow. Your work is just the best.
  21. Version 1.0


    Tested for 3.0 only. A HUGE thank you goes out to the mission's original creator, Warulf, for his awesome original mission. This is BETA. The year is 1986. Changes include M1A1s, T-64Bs replace T-72s. Apaches available. Some civilians. Added troops occupying the buildings. 2xM88s along with engineering tracks and resupply. Don't let it get whacked by enemy arty. Blue Arty is NOT A.I. controlled. Red Arty IS. Be advised... there are enemy FO in the town! Don't stay in one location too long.
  22. Can't wait to try out DTA Delta's new mod! Thanks "Double D!"
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