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  1. Greetings all. First off, I love the realism in inputting manual range in the M1, M1A1. How can I do manual input in the SEP?
  2. Oh no problem. I didn't want to bring esim any trouble. Thanks Homer.
  3. The new TIS imagery is good, but I miss my contrast from my older TIS FLIR mod I had installed. I'm pretty sure it won't work with 3.0. Anyone working on a TIS mod with higher contrast?
  4. And Nils.... 3.0 is beautiful. Thank you!
  5. Thank you all good friends. I'll be blasting away today. I really appreciate the help.
  6. Well, I can't get the M109s to do anything. If I call for arty it magically drops from the sky and no one has shot it. The mortars respond just fine.
  7. In the mission editor? Yes. The mortars... no problem. Ah! Am I firing too close for the solution for the 152mm?!
  8. Okay... I plan to master arty over the months to come. I'm a chimp for the moment I guess. I have to ask.... If I wanted to see those M109s unlock their barrels and fire away, how come I can't do it from a support request? I tried initiating the request as the XO, from the arty units themselves and from the FIST and my M109s sit there. I'm missing something? Do I have to "tie them" to proper chain of command? Maybe it's because I was trying it out on previous mission... maybe it's because I'm a total chimp... teach me masters of war.
  9. Try hitting the smoke grenades on the mortar tracks when firing.... lol!
  10. Holy Crap! I figured it would be an external vehicle animation!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB BOYS!
  11. EARLY BIRTHDAY PRESENT! Whoo hoo!!! I can drool over this for a while.
  12. The paint-job is great - It's still the same model correct?
  13. amen.... this is dragging on and on.....
  14. But will we be shooting in September..... that's the question.
  15. Lord... I hope it's done by the end of September....
  16. No kidding about that "one way." Dad was off at maneuvers at Hood in the 60s (keep in mind, we still had conventional searchlights on the M48s back then) and he told us how disorienting it can be at night. Night shoots can be VERY dangerous with live ammo and large OAs. During the exercise a sergeant was CONVINCED he knew where he was and that he was oriented for live fire on the range properly. He had half the platoon firing on.... a town. Nice. Fortunately my Dad convinced him to save his ammo. Talk about disorienting. It really did happen back then. Now don't worry, the town was way out of range, but still... that's an ass-chewing.
  17. Any larger and I'd live in it. http://bigkidwartoys.wordpress.com/2013/07/20/the-massive-16-scale-m3-cavalry-fighting-vehicle/
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