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  1. Hello all form Sunny Florida... I think I'm suppose to introduce myself. First of all, I wish I discovered this simulation years ago, few missions I played they felt and looked just looks fantastic. I am a new comer to this simulation, but not new to tanking. I served in U.S Military just as probably many of you have. I stated out as a 0331 machine gunner, styed with this MOS for about 5 years, and than I went to a tank school in Fort Knox, and from my understanding the tank school moved to Fort Benning Georgia. I climbed the ladder from a driver, loader, gunner to a junior TC - which meant I
  2. Thank you for response, it was my fault I did not press the P key, sorry for confusion.
  3. From what I remember as a M1A1 TC gunner was able to turn down the reticle intensity/brightness. Can this be done on this sim?
  4. Need some help with M1A1 TC station. I’m not sure what is going on. When I try to magnify, lase & fire from TC position it’s not working.However, I’m able to engage from gunners station, magnify, lase & fire seems to be working just fine. Also, when I get into M1A2 all is good to go, TC station works just fine. Thanks guys.
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