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  1. I thought I would be able to make it work but unfortunately couldn't. My schedule next week won't allow me to make it but the 28th I'll be off. With any luck I can make it to that one. I've been to your website as well and am really looking forward to joining you and everyone else!
  2. Sorry about missing your reply, I went to bed after making that post! I might be able to make that work, would be 0330 for me.
  3. Anyone available for a session, I have the next 3 days available. I'm open to most times day or night as I have no life outside of work. Pretty new to SB but I have completed the M1A1 tutorials 100% and most Leopard tutorials as well as a couple Kanium Sundays. Hoping to jump into some of the scenarios posted here like Company Team Bannon (loved the book).
  4. Great! I'll take A32. And IFV's in the future does sound like fun.
  5. I'd like to join, I don't have any experience with this online yet and just recently started with SB. I've completed the full tutorial for M1 and the TC tutorial for 2A5, some gunnery in the t55 and t64 for fun but beyond that the scenarios I've tried so far are too large scale for me to manage on my own yet. Any room for me here yet or should I wait until I've put some more time in?
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