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  1. Sounds good. At the moment I've been playing the Sinai operation, so I think I can handle something that size.
  2. Finally have the time again and I've been practicing leading units larger than a platoon. I look forward to playing Friday.
  3. Sorry I had to leave the session early tonight guys, but thanks for the awesome first experience in multiplayer. I look forward to next week.
  4. Is there any possibility of at least knowing the vehicles involved so I can make sure I am familiar with them?
  5. Hello, I'm brand new to Steel Beast multiplayer and have been trying to get more info on the Friday night sessions. I've found the rules, times, teamspeak servers, etc. but I don't know some of the finer details. What version do I need to be running, do I need to download any missions or maps for the session, and is there anything like a Discord where this is discussed beforehand? I did just find this post that has information on new sessions. I see that the last session information comment was the day of the session. Does this mean information won't be available until the day of? Thanks
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