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  1. Play a few of the singleplayer missions, do some of the gunnery tables to familiarize yourself, then grab one of the #2 or #3 callsigns, as they aren't a leadership role, you're just there to be a wingman and shoot things. We're all pretty relaxed, and we were all first-timers at some point. Except Assassin, he's been here forever.
  2. Oh, I did! Then I saw Badger's name in there and figured he got it before I did, lulz, I'll take it tho.
  3. I'm debating between E1 or one of the D3 callsigns, decisions decisions....
  4. I've finagled my way into being able to attend, B12 please.
  5. I think Assassin stepped up as A66. A41 Snoggy A42 SNS A43 Kingtiger(?) A44 Wiglif
  6. We decided to split up, 2 and 2, so none of us are left alone. Keep 1/2/B! KT is looking for a break and he deserves a chance to relax and shoot stuff.
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