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  1. C24 please, feeling like a Bradley this weekend. Happy to go with C21 if no one else wants it, If needed.
  2. Squad and post scriptum are my go-to's for FPsness. Arma3 is still better for the tactical stuff, specially in large groups.
  3. And to be fair, Panzer 44 was my very first proper tank sim
  4. Yep, that and you had HC officers who had control over the one or two "Attack Objective" orders that were required in order to capture a town so... a squad of 60-100 players is attacking a town only to have 1 guy remove the AO so he can put it on a town he wants to attack, nope no thanks.
  5. I miss WW2OL, the HC system screwed squads sadly but.. rolling in giant armor groups with 3rd panzer or 23rd armor was pretty fun. And the integration with infantry and armor was pretty good.
  6. Darn, all the infantry spots are gone. I'll take a tank gunner spot then.
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