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  1. Which part of the furry animal are you not comfortable with? ­čś║ Jokes aside, we made a fix to the code and will release it when it's ready? Not sure when exactly.
  2. It may have involved sacrificing a furry animal. Beyond that we're not revealing any secrets.
  3. Sorry, but what do you mean exactly with "Clearing the LOS"?
  4. Jam

    Monolithic Wall

    Could you confirm that the camera was outside of the map edges when these walls appeared? And that, beyond these walls, no terrain is present/rendered at all? This would match what I'm seeing on my end. (The landscape is mirrored up to a few kms or so beyond the map edges. In this particular map, when the edges of the mirrored "no man's land" terrain are in view, these walls appear (at the edges only)).
  5. So, here's the skinny: The first "Anti Aliasing" slider controls the number of samples (2x, 4x, 8x, 16x,). Selecting a setting of "0" enables the second slider, called "Non-Maskable Anti-Aliasing (Advanced)". This is for users who have driver bugs and cannot use the first slider without issues/artifacts. This second slider ranges from 0 to 100%, and it does pretty much what the first one does, but using a different method. Additionally, users may theoretically (depending on the video driver) override the in-game AA settings with their control panel AA settings when both sliders are
  6. What size is your Windows swap file set to?
  7. You might try setting the "Dynamic Cache Size" slider in the Terrain options dialog (Alt-D) to the minimum. This should reduce the RAM consumed by SB by several hundred MB. (Note: modifying that slider will require quitting and restarting the application for the changes to produce an effect...)
  8. I experienced this a while ago with a certain Nvidia driver. What driver version do you have installed?
  9. I have identified the source of this bug and fixed it. For now try to avoid switching between fullscreen/windowed in-between 3d sessions.
  10. You may not have snatched him in a drunken stupor in a bar in Shanghai, but you may have snatched him in a drunken (and jetlagged) stupor in a Thai restauarant in London
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