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  1. anybody tried the wingman rumblepad for challenger tank?
  2. how much will it cost me to get one?
  3. how fast can the cranks go in mils/sec or degrees/sec (0-90)? when playing bmp-2 atgm, is there a way to reset the atgm sight to center with the gps after a reload? how do you activate the cranks in BRDM? this is a tank sim so wheel cranks are cool, no mouse in the tank! i am using a diy crank traverse only for now (rotary encoder in bodnar board)
  4. i saw similar to this in amazon for $200.
  5. any updates on this 'key smashing thingy'?. any one tried to diy these hand wheel cranks? any one used the afv cranks? well i diy a hand crank using bodnar encoder setup to 1:2 gear ratio which is playable but it seems a bit unrealistic to the sense that if you speed up the cranking, the movement jumps ( not fluid). The turret movement seems to have a limit even how fast i turn the crank. In shooting range I tried it playing the warrior & bmp atgm (harder to track target moving horizontally). Well i do not know if the bmp turret movement is same with atgm movement. I am referencing my hand crank to Bradley mils settings.
  6. maybe you give some input on T72M1 Gunnery tutorial 06: 2E28M Stabilizer how to 'manually set gun to reload angle'?
  7. Toxzic

    My new Toy!

    the control handle is working now using a bodnar board. my son who got it for me said these are from decomissioned M2 bradley simulator
  8. my son got it for 500 bucks for all 3 items ( the control handle the left panel and the central control panel plate). from the tag when i received the package says m2a2. but maybe m3. my son says it came from a decomissioned M2 simulator. i managed to make the handle work using bodnar board. next work will be to wire the left panel.
  9. Toxzic

    My new Toy!

    my new toy from santank claus. now to find an M2 turret.
  10. my new toy from santank claus
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