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  1. Got it - Thanks! Now I can't run it because of missing legacy maps.
  2. Believe me, I have tried: read the manual, searched the forums, etc. I tried creating my own file path: C/users/my name/documents/eSimGames/Steel Beasts/My Scenarios I put Camp Hornfelt in this folder, but can't access it in the game. Suggestions?
  3. Good to know...I am finding other missing commands, such as selecting sabot rounds.
  4. That worked! Thanks TankHunter.
  5. I figured out how to remap a function in controls, thanks to TankHunter.
  6. Thanks, TankHunter. I have only tried the M1a2 - I just downloaded today. How might I go about remapping this function?
  7. My HP laptop keyboard doesn't have a dedicated + key to use for turning TIS on/off. Is there another way to access TIS with my keyboard? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, I can't figure out how to turn on/off TIS on my HP laptop. The only + key is the one to the left of the backspace, which doesn't work. My keyboard doesn't have a dedicated numeral section. Is there a work-around (I hope)? Thanks
  9. I bought SB Pro PE shortly after it came out, but cannot recall the year, or track it down. It was very likely on an older computer with an older version of Windows. I went to the Codemeter site and put in Steel Beasts, to no avail. Thanks for your help. I'll keep trying.
  10. Hi, I am trying to re-install SB Pro after many years. The SB software loads, but when it gets to the Codemeter install it says it can't install due to an error. Any suggestions?
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