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  1. This looks incredible—looking forward to it. It really is a fascinating conflict about which, as you say, it's hard to find reliable information. I recently read a great paper about the war from the Iraqi perspective; here's the link if it's useful to you or anyone else.
  2. Ah ha—I think I see the issue. I believe you've dragged in a shortcut to the Steel Beasts.tbms file, not the file itself. (Notice that the file is currently only 8KB—the actual TBMS should be closer to 118KB.) It's very easy to do this accidentally in Windows due to the lousy iTunes interface. I would delete the 8KB version in there now, and instead make sure that you drag in the actual TBMS itself. Let me know if that works for you. (And if dragging always produces that weird shortcut, try the Add File... button instead.)
  3. Hi Wax—after you click on the white plus icon, are you able to drag upward? Further down the menu, you should see an option marked "Load Pages" under a submenu called ITUNES DOCUMENT FOLDER. You should click that, select the "Steel Beasts" preset, then hit the "Load" button at the top right.
  4. Hi everyone -- wanted to share a method I've used to create a wireless touchscreen control panel for Steel Beasts, using an old iPad I had lying around: What you need: -a Wifi network -an iPad -TB MIDI Stuff ($4 on the App Store) -MIDI Translator Classic (free) -rtpMIDI (free) [NB: TB MIDI Stuff hasn't been updated in a while and can be a little buggy. You can use TouchOSC instead which is more reliable, but the controls end up looking a bit too slick for the inside of a tank, in my opinion.] What you're creating is
  5. For the record I had the same issue -- was unable to restore it from the tray, even after closing it and deleting the mutex. I had to reinstall the Map Tools a couple of times before I got it to work reliably (and I don't dare click on the X that minimizes again)
  6. Version 1.0.0


    This is a large alternate-history scenario in which the Israelis preemptively invade the Sinai before the Yom Kippur war in 1973. You are in command of a combined-arms battalion and tasked with seizing two Egyptian strong points in 4 hours, before night falls. The Egyptian defenses are both randomized and reactive to your assault plan—as such, the scenario will play out slightly differently every time you try it. Singleplayer: Yes Cooperative: Yes Head-to-Head: No Your forces: M60A1, Shot'Kal, AMX-13, M113A1, infantry, engineers, and mortars E
  7. Hi -- I sent @Ssnake an email about this, but posting it here just in case it gets caught in the spam filter, or if the resolution is useful to anyone else. I purchased 12-months of Steel Beasts on Jan 13, and everything has been working fine, but today SB produced an error message when I tried to start it: "One of the following licenses is required: -CodeMeter 100146:11111 Failure reason: CmContainer entry not found, Error 200. -CodeMeterAct 5000173:71091 Failure reason: The Firm Access Counter has a value of 0 - the en-/decryption cannot be performed. Error
    I really enjoyed this one— it's very satisfying to watch the ambushes unfold as you take apart the column. The friendly units already seem like they're in great places, and I could imagine a harder version in which you have to scramble to get your units into good positions before the enemy arrives.
  8. Any chance you could update this mission for 4.1? I tried to do it but without the original .ter file many of the buildings are missing in the city. Thanks!
  9. Just to throw this into the mix, I'm curious what everyone thinks of this recent NY Times story which also questions the reported reliability and effectiveness of DPICM, based on its performance during Desert Storm: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/15/magazine/steel-rain-army-artillery.html From the article: Also noted is the significant tendency for the dud munitions to explode later, injuring friendlies or civilians. (just bought SB this week and really enjoying it btw!)
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