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  1. Thank you everyone for playing with me this scenario. Was a pleasure
  2. I think so too. at least the name is the right one ( with "Eimke" at the end)
  3. Missing players for: CO leader (Leopard 2A6) Charlie Plt leader (Marder) Charlie 1 (Marder) Charlie 3 (Marder) Delta (Engineers)
  4. Sure. We still have the Company Leader, or Alfa- or Bravo Plt Leader. You can choose
  5. Feuersalamander (company size) 7PM GMT+1
  6. Don't forget to download the actual map! The Map file from your SB.Com Download thread, is not the actual map! Please use the map from 911 Download threat or use my download link!
  7. Server-HOST : Assassin 7 TS: Steelbeasts.com Teamspeak Server I will send Assassin7 the scenario to add it on the Server. Map: "Schwarmstedt Bergen Munster" Add it into your Map-"packages" Please DOWNLOAD the map here before! It's a BIG file! or here from the 911 Downloads: https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/file/40-schwarmstedt-bergen-munster-eimke/ (with only 189MB) Schwarmstedt_Bergen_Soltau_[autocreated_base].rar
  8. Thats what I was talking about. The SteelbeastsCom TS Server. I already added it. There are only a few channels. Then you would have to add a few more channels for the CO, Alfa, Bravo and Charlie Plt , maybe also for Delta
  9. Oh ok, i got it. Well, then i dont know what to do. I dont know how to connect to the eSim TS. Dont know the passwords etc.
  10. We can try the simple SB com TS like we used in the past, if it's this one you was talking about.
  11. We still have lots of free vehicles there. We still need at least minimum 5 more players. 1 company leader, 1 Alfa-Plt leader, 1 Bravo-Plt leader and min. 2 for the Charlie Plt. Tomorrow we are playing this scenario! Just as info.
  12. Feuersalamander saturday, 7th of March (19:00 GMT) ... is an attack with a german reinforced Infantry Company (Marder), plus one Tank platoon (Leopard 2A4) The order is simple: Our company is in the north and we have to move to the south as fast as possible, because RED is on the march to the north with already one Mech Inf Company (BMP2). The rest of the Red Bataillon is a few hours behind this Mech Inf Company. We have to take the first object ( ZZ ) (Kreutzen) as fast as possible, before RED is crossing the northern bridges. After that we have to take the OBJECT ( I OBJ ) (Poitzen) in the southern part with the entire Inf Company, destroying the enemy there and secure the OBJ until our (AI) Tank company from the north arrives. We have only 4 tubes of artillery. HE and Smoke. Each Inf.Platoon has 1 MILAN Trp. This scenario takes maximum 90minutes. MAP: the latest "Schwarmstedt_Bergen_Munster_Eimke" map. You can download it from 911 website (not from here!). I will post the translated orders as soon as possible. ---------------- Playable units: Manninglist: Chef (CO) 2./162 (Marder) (?player?) Alfa Platoon (Marder) A (?player?) A1 (?player?) A2 (Nike-Ajax) Bravo Platoon (Marder) B (?player?) B1 (?player?) B2 (?player?) Charlie Platoon (Marder) C (?player?) C1 (?player?) C2 (?player?) Delta Platoon (Marder) D (?player?) D1 (?player?) D2 (?player?) Echo Platoon (Leopard 2A4) E (?player?) E1 ( Abraxas ) E2 ( Colebrook ) E3 (?player?) Support: (?player?) 1x ARV (Wisent) 1x Medic (M113Med) 1x Bridge-layer (Biber) ---------------- RED is fully scripted! ---------------- I know there are many IFVs in this scenario, but that's how it is. 1st OBJECT ( ZZ )Final Company OBJECT ( I OBJ )
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