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  1. I just uploaded my new Germany Munster 2020 MAP on the PzBtl911 website. (No delta map!) https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/file/80-munster/
  2. Burning Blade ( FI vs. DK) 1986 is like a H2H RED (DK) is attacking with an reinforced MechInfBtn (M113 & Leo1A3). The first attack with an reinforced MechInfComp wasn't successful and got heavy losses. BLUE (FI) delayed the red attack and got heavy losses as well. NOW is the situation, WHAT RED shall doing. Shall they continue the attack or turn into a defend. or WHAT shall BLUE doing now? Defending/Delay or turn into an counter attack ? - also bcs their CO got killed by the last attack, the first Platoon Leader got the command of the left units. The meaning of the scenario is, that BLUE has to choose what to do in this current situation. And nobody knows the exact strength of the others party or the current situation. RED party can be controlled by minimum 1 player. But all Units are fully playable! The actual known playable Units: BLUE: BMP2 & T72 (minimum 5 Players) RED: M113 & Leopard1A3(AS1) (minimum 1-2 Players) Here a view of a "neutral" map without any clear grafics or names of villages - ( but only with some guesses).
  3. Force of Steel 76 ... is a Company Scenario in 1976 with a mixed german Tank Company. 2 Platoon M60 (M48) + 1 Platoon Marder Each platoon has 5 tanks. All units have NO TERMAL IMAGE DIVICE! A dutch Inf Comp (YPR)(AI) is supporting the german mixed company. RED party are the east germans (NVA) with a reinforced Mech Inf Btn (BMP 1 and T 55). Red is in the offense , Blue in the defense We are starting in the early morning. That's why it's a bit foggy. But after 15-20min it's gone and you can see far enough again. The german M60A3 Texture you can download here: https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/file/41-m60a3-german-olive-woodland/ The Map is my new Germany_Munster 2020 Map which you can't download yet. I will upload it here when I've finished some parts I need for this scenario. Here the 911-Thread-Link for watching some screenshots of the latest Version of this map: https://forum.steelbeasts.org/forum/thread/7505-munster/?pageNo=11
  4. Was a bloody mission today, but we made it. We lost around 3 of our Inf Platoons. Hopefully next time with a few more players. Thank you again guys for joining
  5. If you don't have the MAP, here you can download the latest MAP of this scenario: https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/file/40-schwarmstedt-bergen-munster-eimke/ It's no delta-map! It's a Basic Map
  6. We will using the SERVER from Assassin7 and the 911-Teamspeak If we won't get enough players, I will cancel this game and will set it up again on next saturday the 14th of March.
  7. We are still missing some more guys. At least 1-2 players per Inf. platoon and ofc missing the CO
  8. When I will come today (25% sure), I'd take the R2 Recon Plt I think I can't come today.
  9. Just changed something in the Mission to make it maybe easier to understand what's the OBJ 1 and OBJ 2. Alfa & Echo are some kilometres infront of the company. Bravo, Charlie , Delta and CO are starting this scenario up in the north.
  10. Situation report & orders are translated & updated in the first thread ☝️
  11. Ofc you can join in. Maybe any Leopard Guy is up for you as a gunner. We have no FOs here
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