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  1. Thank you again for the test guys and sorry for so many losses. I just finished some changings. - the BRAVO Tank Platoon ( 3x Leopard 2A4) can now be manned as well (Trigger). - as reserve plt - the neighbours are reporting more. and a few more stuffs
  2. Quick situation report: RED was attacking with a reinforced Tank Regiemnt from north-eastern direction. BLUE could stop this attack with some losses. RED lost around 50% of its force. Another Mech.Inf.Reg. is already on the way to HANNOVER. Probably the RED forces will try again to attack the bridge 03, build a bridge head and keep open the bridges for the following regiments. BLUE got some losses and their ammunitions is low as well. Some units are also damages and have to be recovered and repaired. Tasks: ALFA Platoon: - cross the bridge 03 as f
  3. @sjr162 would it be ok, when you can lead the ALFA platoon? Maybe with @IrishHussar as gunner or in the other way. Would be fine when you both could work together, when you can already understand german.
  4. The BIBER has like nothing to do. So I will give you also the B2 Marder. @sjr162 i've put you on Reserve and can choose any seat for the gunner you want. If nobody will take the ALFA until friday, then i will switch to ALFA ...😒
  5. I hope it's ok like THIS? @Hedgehog i'd keep you on reserve. Maybe you can still be a gunner. Might be interesting when we can also manning the gunners 😆 @Apocalypse 31 and @Assassin 7 are in the 2nd section of the ALFA-Plt I've put @Mirzayev on the ALFA 1 .. only the ALFA Leader is missing. Maybe also one for the Bridgelayer. Later he can also use the B2 Marder. Me and @TSe419E are in the CHARLIE section (I don't want be the leader of my own scenario this time. I'm curious to see how another ALFA leader would handle this scenario) If w
  6. you could still take the A1, A3 or C3 - or being a gunner A2 might working as well.
  7. Hi guys, I just finished the 3rd part of my SACHSENROSS 90 scenario. (It plays in the 1990s) Everything is written in german (sorry for). I'd like to test this scenario with some more people. But I need minimum 4 players for. At least the Leaders and sec. Leaders should be able to understand "german". It's a delay. Our own units just stopped an attack in strength of a regiment from eastern direction. We got some losses, damages and our ammunitions is getting low as well. The Btn Commander decided for a delay, recovering the im
  8. Better stay in the Alfa. As long we have minimum 2 guys for each of the Marder Platoons, it's fine. Ofc i prefer to play a Leopard instead of a Marder. But I chose a Marder, bcs i thought the Leopards will be all taken very fast. But first we have to see, who will come tonight. And then we can still change some positions, if needed.
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