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  1. Thank you a lot for this great work. I'm really happy with. Also with the big Autobahn-bridges. Awesome that you edited the ground for to make it possible, to pass the bridges (for the AI) 👍👍 Well done
  2. Just saw all your answers. Well, great to know that the Map gets updated. 👍 Even though i'm more a fan of details, in my point of view it's a bit pity, that most of the time the same big houses get used next to each other to fill up a big city. I know, usually we don't drive through big cities like this and it's not really necessary to put 1000x more work into a city and work with Google maps like the way i do and add every single house and sort of house with color etc on exact position like in reality. Thats why i need many weeks just to finish a small town. But the entire Hannover map is already made very tolerant. In this case i really don't mind and be simply greateful when the main-issues get fixed. And ofc i'm also very greatful when the map will even gets bigger and more parts can be used for new scenarios as well. 🥰 Thank you a lot for your work. 👏👏 I know it's a tough and annoying work to create Maps; especially cities are like a heavy pain in the ass.
  3. Hello everyone, since SB 4.xx, i've seen, that the Hannover Map "Hannover-Weserbergland", has so many unplayable areas. Streets and bridges dissapeared, many houses in cities are on streets you cant even drive through with AI vehicles anymore. Many streets ending in nowhere. So my question is: WTF happened with this map?!? When i want make a new scenario in a nice area and zoom closer to a city, then i see houses on roads, big streets ending in nowhere right behind cities. Everything looks like, the "new" map designer had no mood for creating this map and ruined so many parts of this map - I don't know; it's just a guess. It's clearly visible in the cities AERZEN, RINTELN, TODENMANN. Such mistakes are an absolute No Go! And the fact that also some highway bridges are not possible (for the AI) to pass over, bcs they are at a hill and the endings of the bridges are hanging in the air. The fact that most towns and villages are not looking like in reality with roads and building, i dont mind. I think Manteuffel was very tolerant with editing this map. That's what i've noticed many years ago. But still, i don't remember, that this map was so screwed up with missing roads, bridges and random places buildings in cities, on roads etc, before SB 4.xx Can we hope for an update of this Map in next SB Version? (buildings block roads + missing roads!)(buildings block roads!)(buildings block roads!)(roads?)(roads?)(bridges?)(can't pass)(not possible to pass the roads by these random places buildings)(Missing roads)
  4. This BULL RIDER scenario is simply a re-make of my smaller Bull Rider campagne. But this time i want make it as a degraded Btn size. We are the the A & B Company of the 1st Sqn, 11th ACR. The C & D Comp are not playable and also not on map yet. We simply have the tasks to take the OBJECTS I , II , III. At the beginning we are defending at south-western of OBJ I. After that we start the counter attack till OBJ III. The howizers have no umlimited ammunition! No time limit. I'm expecting with 3-4hrs yet I don't know when I'll even finish this sce yet or if I will even make a 2nd part of it. is just a Maybe the C-Company or the D-Company with only Abrams will come later as reserve. Playable Units: HHT: CO HHT66 M3 Bradley XO HHT65 M3 Bradley HHT TrpHQ: HMMWVs, M577 HHT SqHQ: HMMWV, M113, M577 HHT Recon: HHT Recce 3x M3 Bradley HHT-R: HHT-R AirDef 3x HMMWV Avenger - - - - - - - CSS: 6x Hemtt Ammo 6x Hemtt Fuel Maint Sec. 2x M88, 2x M113 Repair Medic 5x M113 Medic Eng Sec. 2x RG-31E MRAP, 1x Wisent AEV HAB 3x BIBER (Bridge Layer) - - - - - - - (Anvil) A Company: CO A66 M1A2 Abrams XO A65 M3 Bradley TrpHQ: HMMWV, M113, M577 1st Platoon 6x M3 Bradley 2nd Platoon 4x M1A2 Abrams 3rd Platoon 6x M3 Bradley 4th Platoon 4x M1A2 Abrams Mrt Sec. 2x M 1064 Recovery Sec. M88, HMMWV, M113 Repair - - - - - - - (Buccaneer) B Company: CO B66 M1A2 Abrams XO B65 M3 Bradley TrpHQ: HMMWV, M113, M577 1st Platoon 6x M3 Bradley 2nd Platoon 4x M1A2 Abrams 3rd Platoon 6x M3 Bradley 4th Platoon 4x M1A2 Abrams Mrt Sec. 2x M 1064 Recovery Sec. M88, HMMWV, M113 Repair - - - - - - - HWB: TrpHQ: HMMWVs, M113 etc 1st Howizer Plt 4x M109A3 2nd Howizer Plt 4x M109A3 Ammo: 4x Hemtt Ammo Red Units: fully scripted HHT 66/65 + HHT TrpHQ & SqHQCSS: Eng Sec & Maint SecA-CompanyHWBCSS: Ammo & FuelHAB Sec
  5. Version 1.0.0


    Canadian Leopard C1 for Woodland & Autumn
  6. Yes, I had to upload it here, bcs on 911-website, there are all Maps gone, bcs we've no more a Server.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Truppenübungsplatz MUNSTER Nord & Süd in Deutschland. Military Training Area MUNSTER North & South in germany. To download this map, please enter this id into the SB Package Transfer Manager UI: ce2ab58b-be1c-4377-b3fe-28ab0bf25883 NOTE: This map has not changed, but was uploaded to the sb.com map server on 2/23/2022. Original file date is 6/1/2020.
  8. I'll try to run it on the PzBtl 911 TS. I don't know what date yet. There you'll be able to download the Sce. someday aswell. First I'll test it private and then I'll see. The entire mission is already written in english.
  9. Strong Viking '81 (US) (year: summer 1981) is a reinforced Platoon sceanrio with 1 Plt M60A3 (5 Tanks), 1 Scout Sec. (M113A2 + M981 FIST) , 1 Eng Sec. (M113 Eng +Miclic) We are part of an attacking Inf Btn with M113A2 to the city SPRINGE (southern of HANNOVER -Germany) The infanty is attacking through the forest along VIKING till to the aussault position MARS. From there on they will attack with 2 companies from north-west to SPRINGE. The C-Company is the reserve and will be used flexible ( attack along BULLFINCH , SPARROW or WOODPECKER) Our (playable) reinforced tank platoon (DAGGER 1) has the task, to move along LEGION till BP 41, make the REDs believe, that the main attack comes from west through the corridor. By order we will attack along TWISTER and get into position BP 42. The Echo-Trp (EARWIG 1), is the Scout Sec and has most of the triggers, has to manage the artilliery of the heavy howitzers and the entire mortars of the companies. (4x 3 tubes Mortar + 3x 4 tubes 155mm Howitzer) Plus, he can call 2 AH-1Q COBRAS, he can send to any place he wants where they are needed. It's a lot of radiotraffic in there with the Btn Commander HELLBENDER etc. So, the EARWIG has alot of work to do. An Engineer Sec. (FERRET 1) should help to clear an expected minefield western of SPRINGE. The mainroad to SPRINGE should be cleared of mines! No time limit yet. The scenario ends when the OBJ has been taken or when we abort this scenario, bcs of to heavy loses and can't continuing our mission. Playable: min. 5 players RED: all scripted ( NVA / DDR - east germany)
  10. Thank you again for the test guys and sorry for so many losses. I just finished some changings. - the BRAVO Tank Platoon ( 3x Leopard 2A4) can now be manned as well (Trigger). - as reserve plt - the neighbours are reporting more. and a few more stuffs
  11. Quick situation report: RED was attacking with a reinforced Tank Regiemnt from north-eastern direction. BLUE could stop this attack with some losses. RED lost around 50% of its force. Another Mech.Inf.Reg. is already on the way to HANNOVER. Probably the RED forces will try again to attack the bridge 03, build a bridge head and keep open the bridges for the following regiments. BLUE got some losses and their ammunitions is low as well. Some units are also damages and have to be recovered and repaired. Tasks: ALFA Platoon: - cross the bridge 03 as fast as possible and take the BP of the BRAVO Platoon, which can withdraw to the VVD (Supply Point) and rearm. - withdraw by order ( company leader "ORNAMENT") over bridge 03 (which get blasted by the engineers after 10-15 minutes - by time fuze) - take new battle positions at PL 4 - delay hostile forces as long as possible - rearm as fast as possilbe in the VVD 2 or 3 ( Supply Point 2 or 3) - take new battle positions at PL 4 only if RED didnt pass PL 4 yet - take new battle positions at BP 2.1 - withdraw to BP 2.0 CHARLIE 2 Sec.: - hold the position until you get the order ( company leader "PETROLEUM") to withdraw to PL 3-4 - drive as fast as possible to VVD 3 ( Supply Point 3) to rearm - take new battle positions at PL 4 only if RED didnt pass PL 4 yet - delay RED as long as possible - withdraw to BP 3.1 with the main view to the north-eastern direction. - withdraw to BP 3.0 near by WINNINGHAUSEN with the main view to the east BRAVO 2 MARDER : - when you got repaired, take position at 2.1 - be ready to support ALFA Platoon - withdraw to BP 2.0 near by LANDRINGHAUSEN BrPz 1 BIBER : He got 2 marks in the map (PSB 1 & PSB 2) where he can set his bridge for our own withdrawing tanks BRAVO Tank Platoon (AI) - after they rearmed, they take new position at the right side of BP 3.1 - later in the center of BP 3.0 Artillery: 4x 4 tubes HE, Smoke, Bomblet(DPIC) ( the entire brigade has access to it!) 2x 3 tubes 120mm mortars (range till 7700m) 4 artillery fields are already prepared for a HE/Smoke-Strike for each 2min. (Trigger: abr 4061 , abr 4301 , abr 3660 , abr 3904 ) The company leaders (AI) have the access to the 2 Smoke fields ( ble 9001 , ble 9002 ) eastern of PL 3 is an own minefield with a marked minefield lane (mines are NOT visible!) Support: only 1 ARV available after 35min Ammonition and Medical support are only available in the VVD's ( Supply Points) In the west are 2 sectors from the NschKp 30 ( Supply Company) where you can get more ammuntion and gasoline. And the 2nd sector is used by the InstKp 30 (Recovery Company), where you can fix your engines and fuel leaks within 20min. duration: max. 120min
  12. @sjr162 would it be ok, when you can lead the ALFA platoon? Maybe with @IrishHussar as gunner or in the other way. Would be fine when you both could work together, when you can already understand german.
  13. The BIBER has like nothing to do. So I will give you also the B2 Marder. @sjr162 i've put you on Reserve and can choose any seat for the gunner you want. If nobody will take the ALFA until friday, then i will switch to ALFA ...😒
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