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  1. Maybe you can give that to Raven so that he will have the best experience.
  2. Wew! Breath of fresh air! Thank you Ssnake 👍😊
  3. As my time limited license expires today, April 30 at 18:00hrs, I ordered a new 1 month time limited license and activated it in the esim games WebDepot. Time of activation of new license: 01:00hrs of April 30 so I have 17 hours more until it technically expires. However when I open Steel Beasts it STILL says "Copy protection warning: License will expire in a few days: 0". Question: Is that normal eventhough i already activated my license or should it say "Your license will expire in: 30 days" immediately after you activate your license in the WebDepot without waiting for it to expire on the exact hour?
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