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  1. Sorry guys I could not join you since I have been doing some strenuous activities today. The mind is willing but the body is weak. Happy hunting guys, nexttym!
  2. Will be kinda drunk by Sunday coz its my special day so yeah BEAST 13 please 😆
  3. Maybe you can give that to Raven so that he will have the best experience.
  4. Wew! Breath of fresh air! Thank you Ssnake 👍😊
  5. As my time limited license expires today, April 30 at 18:00hrs, I ordered a new 1 month time limited license and activated it in the esim games WebDepot. Time of activation of new license: 01:00hrs of April 30 so I have 17 hours more until it technically expires. However when I open Steel Beasts it STILL says "Copy protection warning: License will expire in a few days: 0". Question: Is that normal eventhough i already activated my license or should it say "Your license will expire in: 30 days" immediately after you activate your license in the WebDepot without waiting for it to expire on the exact hour?
  6. It was a blast for me as this was my first ever experience in multiplayer mode. Thanks to my platoon leader Roerbaek and platoon mates Tankenator and Connaugh (i believe) for taking care of me. Apart from the severe lag and frame rate drop that I experienced during the start of phase 2, I really enjoyed playing with you guys. And again, Thanks. 😊
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