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  1. Hi i'm Superproxy in game and I'm new to Steel Beasts. I was wondering whether i'd be able to join your TGIF event and if so where can I talk to you for briefing. Are you on TS? Thanks 😊
  2. Can anyone help me with Chrismappack. I was trying to copy the maps to my directory i.e D:\NICA\Steel Beasts (as shown in the SB File Path) but when i go to drive D it does not show "NICA" as it only shows SB Pro PE where I have my Steel Beasts installed, so i decided to go to my SB Pro PE folder and there I copied the maps I extracted from the rar file. Pls tell me if I got it wrong. Thanks
  3. Certainly. I am currently updating my teamspeak app right now so i need a few minutes also. See you
  4. Ok sir. And also Sunday's event is also Monday afternoon on our side of the pond. 🙂
  5. Thank you so much. Yes, I will be focusing my attention more on the Leo and the Abrams in prep for this Sunday's event. I also already installed Teamspeak and connected to the Steel Beasts community channel that was provided for by SB Wiki, I hope that's the right one. Again, thank you for the warm welcome and I'm looking forward to play with you all. 😊
  6. Hi i'm Superproxy in game. If you will allow, can you put me in B22 please, and i'm new to steel beasts although i already finished the basic tank tutorials and already played the offline scenarios with average succes so i hope you consider me as part of your team. 🙂
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