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  1. Got it. Daylight. Tanks a lot.
  2. No luck. Set at mid July, 0700. Should be daylight. Dark.
  3. I am stuck in night mode. I cannot find any info on switching to day. Ideas?
  4. Greetings.. I have recently gotten back into SB and have set it up on a new PC. I had a problem that required me to reinstall Windows. Of course I lost everything I have built in SB. I can't seem to remember how to get more than the basic maps. I have the Map Transfer app installed but it won't work. Keeps telling me to use the --ignorelock command line function. I have no idea what this is. Help (in simple words, please).
  5. Greeting.. Have been away from SB for many years. Just got a new pc and downloaded latest version. Have spent hours trying to get map builder up. Tools on right side are fuzzed out (not selectable). Help..in simple words would be appreciated.
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