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  1. I'm a Patreon supporter for GHPC and it's going to be years before it plays as good as steel beasts. It'll never match the scope of steel beasts either. It is pretty though, I'll give it that. My computer is half as powerful as yours and plays steel beasts great. With the graphics turned up pretty good.
  2. Well I'll be gladly paying 40 bucks. Great simulator, keep up the good work.
  3. I doubt loaders machine guns will be playable anytime soon. There's not a lot of training value from that. They would only be doing that for civilian market and they sound pretty busy setting up for the new engine.
  4. I've been playing for about two or three years now. Haven't tried online yet though. I'll have to get a headset and try it out. I was a tanker little over a decade ago, would be fun to experience some of that again.
  5. I was a brand new private driving an Abrams at NTC. Was night time just driving along and the tank went sideways. So I stop and the tank commander looks then yelled some nonsense and tells me to back up. Turns out I ran over a pop up target. Did 8 thousand dollars worth of damage.
  6. Russian thermals and sights are always behind the West. Overall it does seem like a solid tank though. Has pretty much all the modern features a modern tank needs. It can fire a missile from the main gun that has a 5km range supposably. How well they work I'm not sure. Someone else will need to fill me in. I wouldn't say the T-90M is superior to the newest Abrams, but it might be on par with it. Hopefully we never find out.
  7. If your PC can handle cranking up the graphics they are pretty good honestly. You just gotta remember this is a simulator not a game. The people that make it consider the eye candy low on the priority list. You really don't need super high frame rates, anything above 25 FPS while shooting is fine really.
    I liked it.
    action packed and well rounded.
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