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  1. Great thank you these will be fun to try.
  2. Ok will try the Classics, thank you.
  3. Hello all, can some of you post your favorite single player missions. I have played the camp hornfeld missions which were great to learn on, but, was wondering if any of you have some good SP missions you can direct me to. I enjoy the SP missions for now until I can get online to play with you all [moving to US soon]. Thanks in advance .
  4. Great that sounds like a good time, see you then and thank you for the information.
  5. I will not be able to this Sunday but the following I can make it. I will get on the discord early to get set up and to get a feel for how it all will work.
  6. Thank you MD I was able to fix this and now have the maps, hope to see you soon.
  7. Question about the mappack do I simply download it and run it and should be good to go or is there more to it, thank you hope to see you all online soon. Well I tried to DL the map package to no success, seems to be nothing there or bad link.
  8. Can someone point me to the key for the binos.
  9. Great, is there any profiles for the Sim with the Warthog. Also I clicked the box for track ir support in the options menu, bu, could not get it to work.
  10. Hello, was curious as to who here uses a joystick controller to play such as a warthog and does it work well. I am used to the mouse and keyboard but was wondering if I should use my warthog for a different type of experience, the only problem I can forsee is popping head out of turret and then having to let go of controls to use the mouse and look around. This brings me to a 2nd question, does this sim support track ir, this would be ideal for controller use I would Imagine. So curious as to who uses one and if it is in any way a better experience, not that the mouse and keyboard I am simply curious, thanks all.
  11. Hello all, as you can see by my post count I am very new here but really excited to be here as well and learning this fine sim. I have watched many videos of online play and a few single player missions people have posted {not many}. I have gone through the tutorials for my favorite tank to learn for the moment and also did a few instant missions as well as a single player or two that the sim comes with under scenarios. My question is what is the best way to play the sim is it best to play the single player missions the game comes with or jump online. I would like to see more single player missions videos to get the feel for it if people have them and then try the mission itself to see how well I do. Any advice on good videos, missions to start with or anything else to direct a newbie in the right direction, thank you all.
  12. Ben great video, your tank sounds amazing what sound mods do you use may I ask.
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