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  1. I would like to add more drivable Soviet tanks in the future. For example, the more advanced T-72, or T-80 series, and gun launched missiles.­čśÄ
  2. Thank you very much for your answer, I will practice seriously.­čśÄ
  3. Do you mean that the density scale circled in red can be used to estimate the lead manually?
  4. Thank you for your kind answer. Your answer was really too professional and it benefited me a lot­čśü. I immediately understood what to do. By the way, at the TKN-3 periscope view, is the density scale circled in red in my picture used to manually estimate lead?
  5. I recently started to practice the TC position of T-72B1. I encountered two questions during the practice. I checked the manual, but the manual did not mention how to solve it, so I had to post again for help. ´╝ł1´╝ëAs a TC, I already know how to order an AI gunner to shoot at the target I instruct. But what confuses me is that when I command the gunner to shoot the target I instructed as a TC´╝îit's always hard for AI gunners to hit fast moving targets in the distance. As a TC, how can the AI gunner hit a moving target in the distance? (2)We know that the tkn-3 periscope used in T-72B1 can measure distance, and I already know what to do. But I have a question: can the tkn-3 commander's periscope be used to roughly determine the appropriate lead for moving target? If it is possible,, who can teach me how to measure? thank you.
  6. You're right, so it's very difficult to use T-72 in the game at fighting. Since the Western tanks began to be equipped with thermal imagers in the late 1970s, their observation capability has surpassed that of Soviet tanks, especially at night and in complex weather conditions.
  7. Thank you for your help. All the questions have been solved. Thank you very much!­čśä
  8. Hi all (1) In the game´╝îI see friendly forces T-72 can use the engine to release smoke, what key can I press to let my tank also release smoke like this? (2) For the 12.7mm antiaircraft machine gun at the TC position, what key should be pressed to reload the ammunition? THANKS.
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