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  1. ME TOO.Looking forward to playing t-72b3 in the future. And I love the T-80 series.
  2. I see. Thank you for your serious reply. Thank you very much😎
  3. Thank you very much for your answer😊。 For Q1,I have just tried and found that when in "AUT" mode, the gun cannot fire. What key do I need to press to fire? Or is the gun unable to fire while in "AUT" mode?
  4. Hi all Recently, I encountered three problems while playing T-72. I checked the manual and found that it didn't mention it. So I had to come here for help. Thanks.😊 (Q1)As shown in the figure below, the function of this button is auto loader placed in the "aut" position. What I don't understand is, what is the practical effect of having the autoloader in the "aut" position? What's the use of it? (Q2)As shown in the figure below,What is the function of this button circled in red? I didn't find it in the manual. (Q3)As shown in the figure below,What is the function of this button circled in red? I didn't find it in the manual.
  5. OK,do you know how to reload the T-72? What key to press.Thanks
  6. Thank ESIM games for the reply. What you said is very reasonable. It seems that this will be a huge project. I hope it can be made in the future. I have another question. I found that the loading animation of the Auto-loader Mechanism is not completed. Will you make a completed animation of the Auto-loader Mechanism in the future? I know it's not very important for the simulation, but I do hope to have a completed loading animation. It will look cool.😎
  7. That sounds great. Look forward to it!👍
  8. Thank you for your kind reply. So you think it's very likely that they will add IR search light in the future?
  9. Hi Dear eSIM Games. I am a new player who has just bought SB. The overall quality of the game is quite high. It can be said that it is the best tank simulation game in the world at present. This makes me feel that it is really worth spending money on, and I am also recommending it to my friends. Right now, I have been playing this model for more than a month. I have two questions - (1) Is it possible that the IR search light of Soviet tanks will be added in the future? We should know that without the IR search light, the night combat capability of the Soviet tank without thermal imager is extremely low. Even when using the tpn-3-49 IR sight of T-72b1, the imaging quality at night is very poor due to the temporary absence of IR search light in the game. Even the T-72b1 can not fight effectively at night without IR search light. SB is a rigorous and professional tank simulation game, hope to join the infrared headlight in the future. (2) Are there plans to add more Soviet tanks for players to drive in the future? (e.g. T-80 series, T-90 series, t-72b3, etc.) I sincerely hope SB will do better and better in the future, and I will support this game as always.😎
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