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  1. Get steady 62 FPS in 1440p drops to 30fps when ground clutter (or what its called) is high in intens fights.. Works pretty nice. Btw is there any toturial how i get the download maps to work ingame (where to put the files)? Havent found anyone.
  2. Oki thx Yeah have done some tutorials already, Really cool sim so far, impressed! Thx mate! Thx again!
  3. So now its done! 1x Full licence 2x secondary 😁 Problem is that i have no friends to play with 😜
  4. By the way is the secondary licences working at day one of purchase or do i need to wait for the CodeMeter stick?
  5. Had a feeling of that, very informative answers 😃
  6. Yeah ofc its one option to, ill mayby start with one month or not 😃 still open for suggestions Love simgames so i will probably buy it right away, i know my self to good 😃 Q: Is eSim Games working on further parallelization? A: Yes, we are ... but don't expect miracles. There's limits to what you actually can parallelize retroactively when dealing with a single threaded legacy code. Not every task can be parallelized, and to ensure that every task is "thread safe" (=won't fuck up other tasks while you change application memory somewhere (like in this fine example)) is not al
  7. Oki thx again! I gonna think what to do until tomorrow before i buy.
  8. Oki =/ was going to buy a couple more secondary but now i dont know hmm. thx for the answer. You know when we can expect the next paid update? I mean if i buy a couple of secondary now and in a few month there will be useless thats not to fun. Edit: i assume you need to pay 25$ again for each secondary after paid update?
  9. Added even one more 10. Can i use the secondary licens on diffrent computers? For example: if i play with a friend then i want to play with another friend can the other friend use the same licens? i understand they cant doit it at same time but atleast when they play one at the time? Iam thinking of add 2 secondary licens to my Main licens thats why questions pop up all the time 😃
  10. Thx again guys! Just added 2 more question on topic. Added Question 8. If i buy one licens and for exaple buy 2 secondary licens (25$ version) then the sim make a big update you need to pay for, do i need to upgrade all the other licens to? 9. Are the secondary lincens always connected to my CodeMeter stick forever? Do that mean over time if i want i can buy 7 more secondary licens and i can play with 7 friends online forever if i just upgrade my main licens?
  11. By the what have someone bought the sim with the printed manual bundle? Is it worth buying you think? I mean do you get any good layout papers for diffrent tank you can have on your table so you can se the keybindings and so on?
  12. 👍 Sounds good mate! 1. Is parallelization something they working on to improve? Because if the manage to fix that ill think we will se some real diffrens in FPS. 2. Sounds good! 3-7. 👍 Thx alot for the help! Seems like an awsome community here and it will be awsome being a part of it! I really appreciate you guys take your time answer my questions!
  13. What are your computer setup and what resolution you play in? avg framerate? Still curious of ppls framerate specially if you play in 1440p. Thx for your answers!
  14. Oki nice! Then i have atleast someone with good gear to compare with, thx again mate!
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