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  1. started with "Battlezone" at a video game arcade in 1980
  2. thanks for all the help ; I downloaded the map installer and all is well now
  3. I updated to 4.163 no problem, guess next stage is move on up to 4.167 ; is there an easy way to get all my legacy maps back ? or open each one by one in map or scenario editor ? sorry for the questions
  4. thanks very much for the help ; the driver update stopped my direct x errors
  5. thanks for the answers sirs <salute> I'll try buying my 30 dollar upgrade tomorrow, the store seems to be having some issues with my card at the moment...
  6. Im running version 4.023 and have code stick ; Can I update free to another version? Also I have an error that shows I need directX SDK for faster rendering (how do I handle this?)
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