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  1. Hello So it is not a operating error! Thanks for the information. Best regards Benjamin
  2. Hello Thanks for the supporting( Dr. Thodt and HAPAG) !Can it be an unwanted override by the commander? Best regards Benjamin (I' m by the german community " Target ")
  3. Hello we have in multiplayer mission a problem with the gunner position of the Marder. The problem is if on player on the Commandant position and one player of the gunner position. Than goes the gunner in the outside view and back in the gunner position he don' t can swivel the gun ( the gun is not blockt from the commander!!). It dosen't go with the mouse or with the joystic. You can fire and all other things but not swivel the gun. This problem have we only on the Marder and in the multiplayer. At more szenarios. Know on this problem?? Best regards Benjamin.
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