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  1. Some people here don't mind to pay for a download, please think to add that option also! A storage for big data being available to download, even TB, is more cheaper than DVDs+Handling+Shipping, not to mention the risk of post service stolen, vat (here is 23% without minimum limit), custom fees, etc Exist multiple large storage solutions: google cloud, amazon s3, microsoft azure, dropbox, ....... only to mention a few My internet speed that is very common here is +120Mb/s, from my ISP, the newer solutions are around 200Mb/s, so big downloads its not a big deal. If people have internet issues they have the DVD solution, but for others that have very good internet, paying more to vat, taxes, etc and with multiple risks associated is a bit frustrating. Some time ago I got a peninsula Iberia scenery for xplane flight sim, it was +300GB, in modern times no one will send it on DVDs, if you use the dual layer DVD 8.5GB it will be 35 DVD that's completely non sense to send them. Today if the size is small is almost cheap or even cheap to send it through internet, if the size is huge, is more cheaper through internet than a tradicional DVD, not to mention that many times is impractical like the example above for very large amount of data. If the total maps are huge, I'm fully open to spend a small fee to help pay the cost of an online storage to have that data available through a download ;P Thank You!!!
  2. ohhhh yes, I even forgot that thing, the stolen side. Its true, in my physic orders 2x I was stolen from them and need to re-order again. And many others situations I received damaged things because their dirty and no care hands searching the interior to try to find if exist there illegal things (or something that is nice to steal). The traditional physical distribution is dead since long time in many digital entertainment sectors, see the modern consoles, steam, ..... for example x-plane11 is around 60GB to download and no issues to do it. So Ssnake, please, in modern times of fast internet, take all this into consideration and gave us an option for also download and with a tiny paid fee.
  3. When I say 15€ its a majority price and ofc depends of the size of that maps. If you see here: https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/ 15€ per user can pay easily download and storage of a large amount of GB's, also that prices are only a reference, exist cheaper services.
  4. I understand and know that exist associated costs to have a large amount of files in a server to be available to be download like bandwidth limits, electricity and maintenance costs, etc. Here because our "lovely" laws, we not have a minimum and always spend months on custom services. For a 20€ order I need to pay around +60€ (totaling over than 80) for handling+shipment+vat+fees+customs, so as you can understand is very unfair and frustrating paying like almost 4x more to fill the belly of burocrats. So if it is a pain to have the free download, I think a fee of 15€ its a very fair price for a very large amount of download access and I don't mind to pay that 15€ fee to have access to that data for download way and I fully understand. But Please, don't do dvd only! Thank You!!!
  5. After release, that future separated maps installation will also be available to download (not only in dvd format)? I hope so because to receive something from outside Europe in my country is a flood of taxes, fees, months on custom fee services, etc etc etc and with my internet I can download even 100GB in a row without any issues. Thanks Ssnake for doing a so great work!
  6. Hi, In the CM Control center now i have 2 "Sticks": CmStick and ESIMGAMES In the 1st i have the license of 2.6 and in the 2nd no licenses installed. When i tried the link that comes in the email for activating the license, in the field "choose your cmcontainer", is only available the CmStick (not the ESIMGAMES stick). This is correct or the other also needs to be available to choose? Where i need to install the license, on the cmstick or on the esimgames ? Thanks in advance Best regards
  7. Hi, I have this error when trying to activate the license: Error: An internal error has occurred. Please try again later. Error Code = 0x18080001 I think is the same problem that will be fixed on next monday, no? Best regards
  8. stavka

    Purchase issue

    Thanks Sean about your fast support, another 3.0 customer in few minutes
  9. stavka

    Purchase issue

    Hi Sean, Thanks about your fast reply. The email contact field will shows up after the screen of credit card info ? Regards
  10. stavka

    Purchase issue

    Hi, I would like to buy a license update, but strangely not exist any button to paypal. Its correct? I tried on the firefox (last version) and ie9. Paypal will be available? Regards
  11. +++ for merkava but sadly his inside system still classified. Don't forget that is one of the main fist in a modern hot/cold war (Israel-Arab conflict). But its an awesome tank and i love it. And to have a stripped arcade version of it, no! It will be only a dream in the same garage with T80, T90, ....
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