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  1. Count me in. I've prepared plans for the next scenario, in case we finish the current one.
  2. @mrivers We've played 90 minutes long scenario with Leopard 2A4 (from circa 20:30 to 22:00) I'm sending you the link to the RAR file, which contains my DebugLog, my AAR, @Gibsonm AAR (we were in same platoon) and the scenario itself. https://ufile.io/36iqc9lv What I've observed: - in-game desync behaviour in the last circa 10 seconds (delayed seat-switch control inputs), only on my side - DebugLog shows high-ping errors (8-12s) in the last circa 4 seconds - no MYMSGID_BUILDINGMOD, but a single warning of MYMSGID_ASSIGNEMPLACEMENTS at 20:57:44,798 - a lot of warnings about null IDs (perhaps scenario related?) - my and Gibsonm's AAR looks same up until the very last second: At 1:30:01, Gibsonm's AAR reports me destroying vehicle (5/021). My AAR doesn't show this hit and at it's end (1:30:04) the vehicle is alive. I remember that my gunner was shooting at something at the very end of scenario. At that moment, I was already having the delayed control input issues. This corresponds with this error message in the log, which reappears even when looking at AAR: [22:04:14,556] CActorListArray WARN : Tried to retrieve combatant with NULL ID! Before starting SB (and joining the session), I've disabled my Kaspersky's protection and quitted the application. However, Kaspersky Secure Connection application was still running on the background (I've noticed that after the session). It is a VPN connecting tool, which I am not using - I've double-checked that. So, it is replicable, possibly connected to Leo2A4 (I want to test this next session, since it happened twice in a row at +- the same time) and Kaspersky Free Antivirus might not be the cause, although that VPN application running on the background could have do something - I can test it being turned off as well. However, to test it properly, I think I will have to uninstall it. But that is the step which I'm really not happy about and I would consider it only as the last resort. Kaspersky serves me and all my friends using it very well and I don't trust "naked" Windows to defend itself on nowadays internet. note: That last second vehicle destruction looks weird to me. I understand that at the end of online session, things may go haywire, so it might not be important at all. But why Gibsonm observed destruction and I didn't, when it was my tank destroying it? That suggests to me, that although my reported high-ping, information from my PC reached host. But perhaps the return ("destruction/hit confirmation"?) didn't reach my PC back? Anyway, looking forward for the answer.
  3. Unfortunatelly, I didn't save my AAR. Today, we are having another session (and with Leo2A4 as well). I will report how it went (and save AAR, just for a good measure).
  4. I'm not sure if you are still looking for some additional information. If so, you may find this video interesting. It is based on the captured manual, with some additional information.
  5. I've asked @Abraxas If I understand the answer correctly, they are on the same machine.
  6. The TS server and SB server "applications" are running on the same machine In the next session (Friday), I will try to disable my Kaspersky Antivirus. Maybe it is the cause.
  7. Thank you for looking into it. I've attached the scenario file to this message. It is from my .../My Scenarios/downloads/ folder, so it should be the exact played scenario version. - a question: Should I delete the file from this forum discussion when this issue is solved? I was told that it is better to do so in order to not use the forum "disk space". I will ask the host if the TS server is running on the same PC (or some local one) as the SB sessions. However, when I'm in the lobby of these sessions, my shown ping time is approx. 10 - 20 ms, which makes sense since we are from neighbouring countries in Europe. It is perhaps interesting to note that I can join and play even when the host (different one) is across the world (with ping time approx. 300 - 350 ms). Only with the visual "vehicles teleportation" happening from time to time, which is expectable with this ping and is always "automatically re-synchronised" after max. 2 seconds. I have a debug file for one of these sessions as well. It has only a few (6) Errors "Ping time too large" with maximum ping time 2 s. Then there are a lot of warnings about "forcing monotonic mission time" (same as in the problematic session).
  8. I'm sending the Debug logfile. It is quite a large file, but it consists of 1 Error and 3 Warning message types repeating itself during the session (which started at approx. 20:25, desynchronized at approx. 22:15 and ended at approx. 23:00, given time is a gross estimation). Here are the examples of such messages: [20:26:56,372] CNetwork ERROR: [LOCAL] Ping time too large (2971 ms)! [20:47:18,310] CGame WARN : CTimeKeeper::UpdateTime(): forcing monotonic mission time, host reported time offset of -59 capped to -25 [21:14:18,880] CGame WARN : CTimeKeeper::UpdateTime(): offset mission time by 714 to 1627122 [22:16:45,824] CNetwork WARN : Message of type MYMSGID_BUILDINGMOD (58) was sent 121 times in the last 5000 ms [FPS=53.92 (65.06 - 41.57)]! Last warning message appears a few times after multiple Error messages with gradually increasing latency time (signalizing the moment of "desynchronisation"?). Similar Warning message appears later a few times as well: [22:26:48,618] CNetwork WARN : Message of type MYMSGID_BUILDINGMOD (58) was sent 121 times in the last 5000 ms [FPS=37.74 (39.62 - 35.72)]! note1: Since I am posting this file online, I've replaced the host's IP address with ***DELETED_BY_FALCON***, which was logged at the end of the logfile. note2: I've checked my last 12 debug logfiles for this exact error message and it appears only when joining to one exact host only. Other Online Session's logfiles don't contain it. I didn't check for Warning messages though. If needed, I can provide these as well. note3: I was the only person noticing this issue of desynchronisation. Everyone else was able to finish the scenario without any problem. @Lumituisku I didn't have error you've mentioned in my logfile. Perhaps it is not related 🤷‍♂️
  9. After a discussion with Lumi, I am also pointing out that I have Kaspersky Free Antivirus. I had 1 problem with my antivirus in the past regarding SB - it marked SB installer .exe as a Troyan virus. But, since it is a known issue with Avast, after researching it being a false positive, I've decided to ignore this message. Obviously, nothing bad happened, and a deep scan after installation (and deleting installer file) showed nothing.
  10. Hello Lumi, thank you for input here. I can't confirm loosing the path of "move order". But I observe a moments where my tank "teleports" to position where it was in in a few minutes back, and then teleporting it back to it's current position. It is happening after I desynchronize. It is interesting that a same thing happens even when the host occurs "Network Overload" issue (green text on top left end of screen). But in these cases, it is "resynchronized" in a second or two. It appears to me like it is trying to "resynchronize", thus the teleportation. And just to clarify, I was a client, not a host. In all 3 of these instances. I'm not sure to which exact post are you reffering to, but I've been talking about this issue previously in forum. It was a discussion about one of the newly released SB version (I think 1 version back from the current one?). Also a question - that Kanium session 2 weeks back, was it the Estonian one, where i was BluFor CO? There might be a connection. Anyway, thank you for your input and time as well.
  11. Hello Ssnake, thank you for your answer and for your confirmation that it happens due to an interruption in network connection. Nevertheless, if the Steel Beasts switches into SP mode, I therefore experienced many game-breaking issues where some informations were still flowing (from host to client direction only) and affecting my "new SP" session. From my understanding of your reply, this should not be happening as I should be continuing the scenario in my own "parallel SP" session, thus being fully isolated from anything happening in the (ex-)host's session. I observed these concrete informations being transmitted into my "new SP" session from the host's one: - tank gunfire sounds - sharing map markers - newly sustained vehicle damage - not sure in this one, but I think the "newly created" vehicle wrecks were appearing in my session as well - (ex-)host ending his session also ended mine All these informations "reached" my session with some significant time delay (a few minutes). I had no severe internet connection issue as I was on the TeamSpeak all the time, communicating with others. My keyboard input to control the vehicle (movement, controlling GPS, switching roles in tank) was also significantly delayed and appeard to be "acknowledged" in chunks - nothing happening and then all of sudden all the control inputs happening at once - so I was perhaps sending my "control input" to (ex-)host and then it travelled back to my session? Also, a few vehicles in my "new SP" session, which were previously under other player's control, were continuing in their motion, driving in a straight line on the surface of terrain, not interacting with any object on the map ("ghosting through them"). Their "physics" were very odd, as they were sometimes even sliding sideways (while still moving in the same direction). The movement was linear and not changing during the remaining time of session (30 minutes or so). Similar issue was happening to my tank in host's session. Perhaps a few ideas, if you want to repair/further develop this function: - give unit control to the person in "new SP" session of the units from all players from host's session (and vice versa), as in most time, it is impossible to finish the scenario with only a partial strenght / single tank - the game should notify the person that he is no longer in host's session, as then the desynced player can immediately tell other players that he is out of game I hope this is of any help. Thank you for your time reading this. Have a nice day
  12. Hi, I've encountered 3 times a critical desynchronisation during an Online session in the last 5 months or so. I think it has to be on my side, as it happened to my PC and not to anyone else during those sessions. The desynchronisation is severe and it practically creates a parallel session (sometimes, a few things synchronize over time, but after quite a long time - for example map markers, new vehicle wrecks, my tank suddenly getting hit - because it was moving in the host's session into the enemy units while in mine it was out of any engagement, behind a hill in cover, etc...). I've reinstalled the SB after the 2nd desync. occasion. It was when the latest update came out. I uninstalled it, searched and deleted all remaining files, even cleaned my registry (via CCleaner, so not really that perfectly) and installed a fresh new version of SB. It did help for ca 2 months but it is back again and I don't know what to do next to prevent it. My internet connection is an average one, I have 42 Mbps download and 10 Mbps upload speed. I don't observe this in any other software. During the desynchronisation, I'm running a TeamSpeak as well (and I never noticed a "lag" in TS during the desync.). There is a one curiosity, which I can't logically explain, but every time it happened I was in a Leopard 2A4. Did anyone encountered this problem? Any tips? Otherwise, I think I will start having a holy water next to me when driving the tank again ... Thank you
  13. Any M60 tank please. Just not A31 as I am not well familiar with this tank. Thanks
  14. It's always a pleasure to attend your events. Thank you for hosting them and to others for coming. It is a very enjoyable experience.
  15. I will be there. Looking forward to it!
  16. I've sent a Group PM to every BluFor participant. If anyone didn't get the message / CO BRIEFING, let me know. Regarding manning - there is some flexibility in my plans and important roles were already taken. I think we are good. All the remaining positions can be sorted out on Sunday on start.
  17. A1 and A2 is priority, but I believe that @tankenator and @mirar are playing this Sunday? If so, then feel free to pick whatever you want. I would personally prefer to have D1 rather than A3, but if some players want to have Leo2, we can make it working as well. Since I don't expect to have an XO with me, A65 is considered to be a reserve tank (and can be used by anyone interested in Leo2). In the end, all the main units are already taken, so pick whichever vehicle your heart desire
  18. I'm happy to take A66, and I would be even happier to have an FO with me.
  19. Thank you. As usual, that is important for me. The Summer Time shift is very weird here. I play your events at 2000 local time (CEST), and I always thought that CEST is GMT+2. Anyways, I know when to come, see you there.
  20. If no-one would want to, I will gladly take Platoon Leader of the English-speaking platoon. Question: Is the event going to start at 1900 GMT? That is 1 hour later than usually.
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