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  1. That is great to know. Thank you for your answers.
  2. I had heard some stories of simulators even from 90's getting some classified data and amazing military personal of knowing more than any civilian should. Usually such things are more akin to not publishing original material, but being able to use that. For example War Thunder developers said that they have access to sources which they can't disclose/make public. It seems that in such agreements using material in some way is acceptable, but not giving it away to public. Even, if in the end it is not 100%, if developers has access to sources and even if they can't put it into their game, they a
  3. Well, it is 140 dollars for me and asking questions are a lot faster than purchasing a subscription for a month and trying game for yourself. A good example of this is game which I'm currently playing: Steel Armor. When I started to play, I have to spend several hours just learning all the mechanics until I got comfortable in that game. Then I started noticing some things. In post action analysis tool I was seeing some really weird and seemingly impossible shell penetrations. GUI is abysmal and half of the time you are unsure what anything does. I could not fire my gun, gunn
  4. Thank you for your answers. I have few more questions: 1. What are developers roadmap? What major things we can expect in near (1-2 years) future? 2. Are interior elements in a vehicle interactive? 3. Is AI smart enough to simulate real life tactics and behavior?
  5. Here are my main questions. I'm mostly concerned if game can give me historically accurate picture of combat at any time during cold war. I can see this simulation is leaning heavily on mid to late cold war from vehicles available in the wiki (I'm under impression that game properly starts at 70's as there is a distinct lack of earlier vehicles in a wiki to make proper fights with. I'm particularly interested in late 40's - 60's combat at the moment). I'm more interested in earlier vehicles, but there isn't much of a choice in the market. My main problems are when game inaccurately portrays en
  6. Hello, I had decided to purchase your product in the future. Though, I would like to ask few questions about it, since this thread is very similar to what I wanted to create, I will just post my questions here instead if that is fine with everybody.
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