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  1. #1 When a unit arrives at a way point and there are conditional routes leading from that way point, does the unit take the first route that is true or does it check all conditional routes and then take the true route? Question behind the question: I am wondering that if there are two true conditional routes will the unit get stuck, or will it take the first true conditional route and ignore the other one? #2 In regards to XNew variable getting a new random value for each conditional, how often are the conditional routes checked when a unit arrives at the way point? Are the conditionals only checked once upon arrival or are they checked multiple times at some frequency after arrival? #3 If the way point has 4 routes leading from it where 1 is not conditional, but the other 3 are, will the unit ever choose one of the conditionals provided that one of them is true, or it will always choose the unconditional route regardless of the other 3 conditional routes?
  2. In the user manual the behavior column contains the following sentence for the behavior of the Defend tactic: Embark on the first attached, non-conditioned route if moderate losses are sustained. I do not understand what that means; especially the "first attached" part. Do I put a way point near them and a route away from the area? Is that what that means? If so, what type of route; retreat, assault, etc?
  3. Thanks to all who commented. Based upon what is said here and what I have been told in other conversations, the most likely explanation is that I was going too fast for the surface (i.e. rocky). I do not normally travel at top speed, but I was actually moving at top speed, not just set to top speed, when it occurred. The speed, location, and terrain are the common aspect. And since this is actually a feature of the software, then this would explain it. Mark this one as closed.
  4. I thought for sure that I had saved the AAR, but since I cannot find it, I guess the only explanation is that I didn't save it. It is not with the other AARs. Where you see the vehicle, in the second pic, on the map in the north east corner area is where it lost a track, or within 100 meters of that. I had not played for long. Only about 36 minutes. I quit shortly after it happened since I could just start a new session faster than I could fix the broken vehicle. I knew I wanted to save that AAR, so not sure how I missed doing that. If I find it or it happens again I will be sure to get the AAR posted. In terms of location, looking at the second pic it happened in that square and less than 100 meters from the location of the vehicle you see there. The first two times it happened I was in the next square to the left in the bottom half, just on the northern side of the plateau. I was out of view of any enemies. Sorry about missing the AAR, as I know that would be helpful. I will see if I can reproduce it.
  5. In scenario Tanks! and driving along the northern part near the peak of the hill and at top speed, and for no apparent reason I would lose the right track and two wheels. This latest time I was in the BMP B-11 Kurganets. (Sweet vehicle BTW). The other two times, I think I was in the Leopard 2A something. This happened twice in the Leo a few minutes apart. And by "no apparent reason", I mean I was not hit by enemy, I did not hit a mine, I did not drive across any obviously harsh terrain. I checked the AAR for enemy hits and mines and there were none. I was just driving normally at top speed going straight. Is this a bug, or what is causing this that I need to do differently? I will attach pics of the vehicle location of the incident and the mine field locations.
  6. Just throwing in some of my experience, in case it helps... My system: Acer PC, Intel i-5 Generation 8 with 6 cores and with max CPU clock of 3.9Ghz, 32GB RAM, with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 SC with 8GB GDDR5X. Acer montior, 27" diagonal 16x9 aspect ratio run at 1600x900, on account my eyes not as good as they used to be, but the monitor will support a higher res. Performance: I get 29-30 fps when I have vsync turned on, and 59-62 fps with it turned off. Thus I suspect my monitor, since it is 7 years old, is only 30 fps. I get these performance specs regardless of what I am looking at. However, sometimes it will dip down to 40-50 fps and game play will bog a little when I first-time encounter many other units on the screen during Internet play, but it is momentary like it is caching up something. SB never uses more than like 7.9GB or RAM since I have 32GB. O/S Config: Windows 10 Home 64bit. I do not run anything not necessary when running SB. Also, for Internet play, I go into the advanced power settings and set it for "High performance" instead of "Balanced". This runs the CPU at max speed of 3.9Ghz, otherwise it is constantly fluctuating based upon what it perceives as the load. "Balanced" is fine for single player. SB Config: My SB graphics settings are in the attached pic. I run windowed with a screen resolution of 1600x900. I am satisfied with this performance for the hardware that I have. Before I got the GTX 1080, and upgraded from 8GB to 32GB of RAM, I was using the Intel HD 630 integrated graphics and it was adequate for single player with every graphic setting turned way down, with a fps of 20-30 fluctuating. For multiplayer though it struggled. The fps was around 15-30 with high fluctuation, and frequent stuttering. Playable, but not fun. Suggestions: Set your Windows advanced power settings to "High performance". There may be some tweaks you can adjust in your video card settings/drivers that can improve the performance, but I cannot tell you exactly what, so you will have to investigate those yourself. Anti-aliasing and shadows and detailed tracks can be a large performance hit. I have tweaked the card settings in its config software other applications and the difference was night and day in terms of performance. For my SB setup though, I configured it for "Let the software decide" and I do not know how I could improve beyond what I already have. Do not run any other applications that are not required for SB to run. For multiplayer, I run the voice software on another computer. There are some videos on youtube that can help with windows performance settings for game play. Just do a youtube search for "windows 10 for gaming". This is what I did to help configure my windows 10 home 64bit and it helped.
  7. It was great fun. One of the best. Would play again.
  8. I tried to load the technicals into a BTR, but I could not figure out how to do it. When I mounted them into the truck they came from I just selected the infantry unit and clicked on mount.
  9. @Gibsonm: Thanks. Not sure what the technical is called, but it was the pickup truck with a machine gun in the back. Probably a 50cal. The truck carried two teams of 5 each, or it is a 4 and a 5. It did not have missiles, or rockets, or mortars. Just your standard bang bang chain fed bullets mounted on a pole.
  10. I had some technicals and the dismounts ran out of ammo. I had them mount twice and waited at least 2 minutes and when they dismounted again, they still had no ammo. Is it possible for the mounting vehicle to run out of supply? Is there a way to check if it is empty or what its supply is?
  11. For me, I use SHIFT-Tab to launch smoke grenades. For engine smoke I just use Tab to toggle on/off. In game you can pull up a list of key commands by pressing Alt-C. There is also a real handy search feature since the list is so long. I think you can just search for smoke. With it you can see what yours is set to, and even change it if you want. For greater efficiency I sometimes set engine smoke and grenade smoke to Tab to get the most smoke as quickly as possible. Just have to remember to turn off engine smoke before reloading smoke grenades.
  12. Yes. They certainly are. I got him on the 3rd shot though.
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