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  1. I tried to load the technicals into a BTR, but I could not figure out how to do it. When I mounted them into the truck they came from I just selected the infantry unit and clicked on mount.
  2. @Gibsonm: Thanks. Not sure what the technical is called, but it was the pickup truck with a machine gun in the back. Probably a 50cal. The truck carried two teams of 5 each, or it is a 4 and a 5. It did not have missiles, or rockets, or mortars. Just your standard bang bang chain fed bullets mounted on a pole.
  3. I had some technicals and the dismounts ran out of ammo. I had them mount twice and waited at least 2 minutes and when they dismounted again, they still had no ammo. Is it possible for the mounting vehicle to run out of supply? Is there a way to check if it is empty or what its supply is?
  4. For me, I use SHIFT-Tab to launch smoke grenades. For engine smoke I just use Tab to toggle on/off. In game you can pull up a list of key commands by pressing Alt-C. There is also a real handy search feature since the list is so long. I think you can just search for smoke. With it you can see what yours is set to, and even change it if you want. For greater efficiency I sometimes set engine smoke and grenade smoke to Tab to get the most smoke as quickly as possible. Just have to remember to turn off engine smoke before reloading smoke grenades.
  5. Yes. They certainly are. I got him on the 3rd shot though.
  6. And these situations really get me. This was the 2nd hit on this guy at less than 1000 meters and he is still "ok". Lies I tell you! Lies! Look at that placement. Surely that is a kill shot.
  7. And a minor case of friendly fire by the AI. The Chieftain was firing at me and the Scorpion just happened to get in the way.
  8. Destroyed right as I fired. At least I got my shot off, but I don't think I got the kill though.
  9. @Grenny: Wait. You mean this is not SimCity?
  10. Anyone have any funny or interesting screen shots? There is this one time where a guy is sitting at a flaming window... "I'm fine. No problem here. How was your day, dear?"
  11. Nope. Still did not work. I tried everything I could and everything you said. I set the shoulder to the max and still no effect on removing the slant. The slant wins. It is unbeatable with this version of the software. I can adjust how high or how low the slant is, but not the angle or how level it is. To resolve the issue, I lowered the road near the bridge to put all of the problem area well beneath it, and then I extended the bridge further down the road until I found level ground. Thanks.
  12. Thanks. got it. But there is still an issue. The land under the road is slanted. That is, the left side of the road is lower than the right side by about 30cm. Just a guess of the exact amount using the naked eye. If I raise or lower the road, the slant is still there. It is now just higher or lower. It is off by so much that the right side of the road or land is higher than the bridge's road surface, and the lower side is so low that it exposes the bridge's construction edges and rebar. Is there a way to level the road and or the ground under the road? The bridge seem to be level width-wise, but that will never mate correctly with ground that is not level. I tried the "Level selected road", but I could not tell that it did anything and it certainly did not improve the out of level of the road way. Still a big ole slant to the left.
  13. Sorry. I should have been more specific. I needed to know how to do the ramp, but I will play around with it and see what I can get. Thanks.
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