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  1. Thanks for the info-and for the suggestion of the 1 month license! Also appreciate the info about the online community I will pass that on to my Dad
  2. Hello, I hope this an appropriate forum for asking this question! My dad is a a proud Army Vet who loves all things military. I recently built him a pc with integrated graphics meant for low end gaming and browsing. I am no expert in PCs, I learned enough to purchase/assemble for myself and then my dad asked me to build one for him. So this morning he sends me a link to SB Pro PE sim and he is super excited about it! I look into it--oh geez it's a REAL simulation game--can his system run it? He's working with Windows 10, AMD Ryzen 3200G w/ integrated Radeon Vega 8 graphics and 16gb RAM. I'm not savvy enough to look at the requirements and then look at my system and be able to say definitively,"yes, Dad, you can play that" I usually just use a website that checks the compatibility for me however this game does not appear on any of those sites that I've used. Can someone help me and my dear Dad figure out if he can play this awesome sim?
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