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  1. The best community you could ask for. Thank you gentlemen. Much respect.
  2. In the installation instructions found here - https://www.esimgames.com/?page_id=1607 Search for SB Pro PE Maps Installer. Below that are the links to the downloads to assemble the map package. Install it first. Then ensure you install the SB Pro application to the same directory. Then install the patch if you wish.
  3. Discord? I'm putting it on the C drive now (default) and if that solves it I'm not going to complain. I'll let you know - give me a minute.
  4. Or not... I'm still not able to run the scenarios even with both install paths matched. I also have no option to install one before the other. I've got the SBProPE4_... installer and all the rars I've got the MapTransferMgr... installer. I've matched the directories in the installers. What am I missing? Thank you!
  5. The default names are off in the installer - such that just changing the drive letter won't get them in the same spot. That would probably be an easy fix.
  6. Destination location: E:\eSim Games\SB Pro PE Map Package Folder: E:\Steel Beasts\maps\packages Setup type: Full installation Selected components: Program Files Extra Documents Scenarios Slide show Start Menu folder: eSim Games\Steel Beasts Pro PE Additional tasks: Additional shortcuts: Create a desktop shortcut
  7. I did not install map packages first. I don't even know if I installed map packages - I'll look at the notes again and report back Thanks Ssnake - nice to see you around and doing well btw.
  8. Just got the software. I installed it to a non-primary SSD, so I suspect that's the issue. None of the offline scenarios will work. I get the missing map error. I downloaded the package transfer manager (lol) but I have no idea what to tell it - and I think it probably has nothing to do with the issue. I don't like the options the error message gave me. I just bought and installed this thing - it should work. What do I do?
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