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  1. So do we have to get a updated license to 4.2x for this?
  2. It would make it a more interesting simulation...
  3. A pilot able Apache Long Bow Attack Helicopter with associated armaments
  4. Snake (Nils) I think I know what is going on with the dongle and the new CodeMeter 7.10a software... the dongle is not the problem... it is flashing it's green and yellow lights. What I have to do to get it to show all it's licenses is to go to the CodeMeter program's "Process" menu selection click on "Stop CodeMeter Service"... wait 3-5 seconds... then click on "Start CodeMeter Service". With the past software it always discovers and initiates the dongle automatically without intervention.
  5. I tried all of them... it is the dongle, it will not write or read data.
  6. I think that I have a bad dongle... the indicator lamp stay on... usually it will blink. Which means it is not receiving any writes and reads. How can I replace it?
  7. I got a new PC... reinstall SBProPE 4.167... CodeMeter 7.10a... the installation went perfect except my CodeMeter dongle seems to either be failing/faulty due to it will sometimes shows no licenses, the blank license holder, or the licenses for 3.0x, 4.0x, and 4.1x . I can not figure this problem out. I lost my Codemeter license backups during a hard disk failure on my old PC system by the way. Can anyone help me solve this one? Thanks in Advance... JLS02
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