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  1. Good news everyone! I got in! Bad news, I tried viciously ripping out all audio backround programs like a crazed Chupacabra, after still being unsuccessful, I got it to run after a hard drive wipe. so deleting something fixed it, but instead of a scalpel, i used a nuke
  2. Correct, i have neither program as far as i can tell even installed on my PC
  3. Nothing on that thread seems to help me here
  4. exactly as said above, but its driving me crazy. I have attempted full uninstall and reinstalls, i attempted to upgrade my license if it was needed, and i cant really find anything else about this online
  5. Thank you, turns out something somewhere on my joystick that i use for flying is for focus close. Unplugging fixed it. Thank you very much
  6. so, this works... kinda. It seems when i focus it INSTANTLY goes out of focus again, unless i hold down the focus button the entire time. as soon as i let go of the focus button, it comes all the way into the closest focus again no matter what, as if i was cranking down the focus close key
  7. Exactly as said in title, the CITV is incredibly blurry, making it nearly impossible to effectively TC without just dying as soon as an engagement happens since its more effective for me to spot with bino's than the CITV
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