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  1. A rookie A1 slot, please. I'd may as well give it a try. I'll do the Lemur and Infantry tutorials.
  2. Yes, but the damage type used in the manual fire tutorial should allow for the item it is attempting to showcase to perform as expected. I believe that was the issue, and not how it was simulated.
  3. That seems to be the case. Glad the video helped.
  4. Seems support actually got back to me very quickly using the contact bar on the main site, so this can be deleted or left up as necessary, I suppose.
  5. It appears that my codemeter stick was likely stolen from its USPS package on the way. I used the contact link on the main eSim website describing the issue. I was just wondering if that was the proper way to make contact with support, or if there was a different method I am supposed to use to resolve this issue. I am still using my one month license, so it's no emergency, but yeah, any help would be appreciated.
  6. I believe I did. I made a short video of what I noticed when I tried the tutorial vs an undamaged tank.
  7. Trying to learn the Leopard 2A5 using the tutorials today, I also couldn't move the turret in manual mode using mouse or arrow keys in the manual fire tutorial. With an undamaged 2A5, I could move the sight in manual mode using the mouse.
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