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  1. I hope you'll manage to get rid of it hahah. Hopefully I bought a One month license to try it again with new setup. Thanks for help Ssnake !!
  2. Ok fun fact. when I set my THROTTLE as preferred device, it is detected and can control tank. When I set my Joystick, it doesn't move ! lol
  3. super weird because i tried all internet answers
  4. Same result Also when i t worked it worked with trackIr.
  5. That's my conclusion as well. Windows calibration and DCS recognize the oystick perfectly, no recent driver update, no recent windows update (I installed SB 2 days ago and it worked fter installation), I have only TrackIR and Joystick plugged in.
  6. No matter how I move the joystick the axis won't move. Right now it's not centered but even if I press Alt J to center the joystick and then move it all around the axis are not moving at all. Just checked, still Win10 preferred device.
  7. Yes. Several times. And refreshed joysticks !
  8. Hey everyone. I started playing Steel Beasts again recently. On the first day my X56 HOTAS was detected, SB wanted to use the throttle, i went to windows options and set Joystick as preferred device and it worked. Now it's been two days that my X56 Joystick is not recognized by the game, even though i : - Set it to prefferred device in Win10 Device options - Launch and relaunch the game with the X56 software running or killed - Plug or unplug the Throttle Every davices I saw online are not working... please help ! It worked once :c Thanks
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