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  1. Thanx for the info gents. I will try to start learning the m1a2 now as well. I did end up getting a little gt-1030 for my machine. It’s a little Dell and really couldn’t handle any other card. Not a good card I know, but clearly made a difference in my machine. Saint19
  2. Nike-Ajax, Thank you so much for the offer. But so far can barely manipulate this m1a1 at all. Let alone understanding the editor. I did the tutorials however. last night was the best I had ever done on Tanks Again having killed 5. I found the 6th but couldn’t get my gunner to fire. I tend to play more from Commander sometimes. I am legally blind. So sometimes the leasing is an issue on the m1a1. I will try a different tank soon. Thanx for the offer. I should also mention that I am in the US Central Time Zone. Saint19
  3. Thanx so much for your help gents. I did move forward with the time-limited option for 1 year. Saint19
  4. 1 month time-limited is over. Had lots of fun. Kept getting clobbered I Instant Action and Tanks Again. also got SABOW and Steel Fury. Nice stuff too. SB has very different feel. Modern tanks and more of a “sim” feel since you control different mission parameters. I like both. but I fear my system can’t keep up. I turned down gfx as well. But in wooded areas. Yikes. it’s a lowly i5-7400 3ghz 12gb Ram, Intel-he 630. Windows 10. (Dell computer). 240w PSU.... I do mostly hex and counter stuff or CMANO, CMO, just started Armored Brigade(suck there too). All those don’t require so much power. I only one working since we homeschool our 5 babies. So don’t want to spend too much on upgrading a machine. I don’t do much multi, but am willing to try. I assume multi takes even more power? If I get a new card has to be low profile. Even a little get 1030? Also if I get new card would that void the time-limited license 1 year license I am thinking of. I willing to do classic license cuz really like SB. But am concerned of machine specs. Saint19
  5. Did the Defeat Inferior Force mission at Camp Hornfelt. Figured I’d try Tanks Again v2. Got whooped over and over. Most I got were 3 tanks. part of my problem is experience. Plus still not sure whether to play that one as Commander or Gunner. I get messed up on controls so went back to the range as well. Saint19
  6. Thanx for the welcome and information gents. I really appreciate it. Lots to learn not only for the sim, but about tactics as well. Saint
  7. Hi all, Just purchased SB about a week ago now on a one month trial. I've run through the training scenarios for the M1A1 and am just now getting into Camp Hornfelt. My primary purchase was to try it out in comparison to SABOW(playing demo of that too). I had the original version of SB back in 2000....but never really played much. Still have the original CD for that and may put it on my laptop. Being legally blind I was unable to join the military, but I enjoy sims. Not sure on multiplayer due to other concerns, but am not against it. So I wanted to try it out to see if it could at least work for me single player. I don't have a fast machine, just an i5-7400 3ghz, 12GB ram, Intel HD 630 on Windows 10. Just thought I'd say hi. Saint19
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