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  1. Hi all, Just purchased SB about a week ago now on a one month trial. I've run through the training scenarios for the M1A1 and am just now getting into Camp Hornfelt. My primary purchase was to try it out in comparison to SABOW(playing demo of that too). I had the original version of SB back in 2000....but never really played much. Still have the original CD for that and may put it on my laptop. Being legally blind I was unable to join the military, but I enjoy sims. Not sure on multiplayer due to other concerns, but am not against it. So I wanted to try it out to see if it could at least work for me single player. I don't have a fast machine, just an i5-7400 3ghz, 12GB ram, Intel HD 630 on Windows 10. Just thought I'd say hi. Saint19
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