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  1. Updating that I added some new examples in the same file per Ssnake's suggestion to illustrate this concept on two different roadways. I made some changes to the Wiki as well, and I'm certain I will be making more in the near future.
  2. Very helpful information in this thread, thank you to all who contributed. As I'm currently working on a tutorial, I created these files based on the existing images here and in the downloads section and am looking for feedback/sanity-checking: I'm also making some tweaks to the Wiki to better flesh out the artillery documentation there, and the tutorial will likely echo the manual, the wiki, and some additional content reflective of anything new in 4.250.
  3. Version 1.1.0


    Two diagrams to be used as reference for what can be a somewhat initially bewildering concept, but should be simple once you can see the reasoning for what values are used, and why the attitude field in the artillery support window goes only to 3200 mils on a 6400 mils compass. As the file demonstrates, the orientation of the rectangle isn't to the actual unit calling the support, but rather an imaginary point off to the West of the bombardment zone. Understanding this concept will make it easier to align bombardment zones in ways that precisely target areas like roads or enemy areas to maxi
  4. Valleyboy


    Version 1.0.2


    Playable as Blue Side Only -- This mission is the walk-the-talk portion of a Wiki article on using WERM and visual ranging, with this mission specfically highlighting the gill flaps on the T-64 that historically created ambiguity for gunners and commanders when ranging in poor visual conditions in the era before laser rangefinding. In this scenario, you will be the gunner on 1-2 Sho't Kal tanks, using WERM in conjunction with your own experience and practice to hit incoming enemy tanks under challenging visual conditions. Most of these targets will be T-64A's on the move, giving the us
  5. Since Friday's game overlaps with Christmas Day (evening) for US players, I'm curious if there were plans to do a game this Friday or night. What's the consensus?
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