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  1. Fun game last night, I really enjoyed it and it kept us captivated the entire time. Very much a nail-biter.
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    Hi jlh -- I'm wondering, could it be that you were trying to select the drone from the map view (F5, click on drone, try to hit F3 or F7 but it's not working), as opposed to clicking on the unit that launched it, hitting F7, and then hitting F3? While you can hit F8 (external view) for the drone after selecting it from the map, you can't control the micro UAV from that screen, it has to be from the unit that controls it.
  3. Valleyboy


    Sounds like we need to do a tutorial....
  4. Thank you! I will give it a try when able.
  5. It's been a great campaign so far (and not just because we won some). Lots of fun, a good tactical mix and a good opportunity for those of us who played Red last time to see what Blue's side of things looks like. Also a good chance to team up with some folks who aren't on my usual team in past months.
  6. One thing to keep in mind is that after the campaign is over, we'll likely be back to a mix of missions with lots of variety in terms of what units are being used and what's being accomplished, sometimes with as many as 4 sides. You'll have a good chance every Friday to get used to being on the same team with a lot of the long-term players of Steel Beasts (I'm a noob myself), so while you already came at an opportune time, you'll get to see a lot of variety outside of the existing campaign fairly soon.
  7. It was a fun game, I think we all respected Red's decision to not push for a breakthrough because it would have gotten pretty bloody and I think not to Red's advantage, though maybe closer on points. On the other hand, the divisional commissar is detecting a distinct reluctance to die for one's country. Western Europe doesn't conquer itself.
    I enjoyed it. Do you have an updated version, with a briefing?
  8. Brown shag carpet in our house too, growing up.... bleh. We finally replaced it in the late 80s.
  9. My pleasure. I'm still trying to find out what map this goes with. I'm hoping @SippyCup can address this, as I'm not sure how anyone else can play this without knowing that.
  10. Looking at the AAR, I had kind of a head-slap moment when I saw all that infantry take the central objective in the first few minutes. Once that happened, it kind of mooted a lot of our northern attack, given we weren't ever going to dig those guys out of the center without those assets. Lesson learned. Zerg rush next time!
  11. @SippyCup Thanks for making this. Can you point to which legacy map this mission uses?
  12. Hi @George Savov -- as a side note, we should have a tutorial (maybe more than one) on this topic in a few weeks. The short version of the below is that while you will easily be able to bring the mission into Steel Beasts, it requires a legacy map, and this makes it more complicated (and is why we will be doing a video on this topic shortly). Presumably the author of the file can point you to the legacy map, at which point, I would recommend this thread: For right now, to get the mission in place before you do the maps steps -- go to this folder in Windows: Extract the file to downloads, and if it makes it easier to find, possibly a new folder inside that one if you are doing a lot of other downloading for Steel Beasts or playing multiplayer games, because that folder is used for multiplayer downloaded missions as well.
  13. Quick stats from our last mission, I'm changing it up here, on a future iteration I will try to get it into pdf to do less chumming up of the forum here. On balance, given our performance vs. the previous results on this same mission, I think we probably overestimated the threat from ATGMs (despite losing around 33% of our tanks to that weapon type) and probably should have seized the town early and dug in. Also, I think as CO I was too slow to get our infantry moving to try to engage the center and forgot that this attack was divided between two users. I shoulda woulda coulda taken over those units and let people concentrate on what they were doing, e.g. the tank battle in the south where we got bottlenecked. Much credit to the whole team for great input on where to lay the FASCAM and artillery, which was probably one of the more successful parts of our attack. Red Team Kills - Tanks - Vehicles Used - % Breakout Tank (Leopard 2A5) - 60.0 % personnel (Rifle squad) - 30.0 % Tank (T-72A/M1 m.1982) - 10.0 % Blue Team Kills - Tanks - Vehicles Used - % Breakout Tank (M1A1(HA)) - 62.5 % PC (M2A2(ODS)) - 25.0 % PC (M113G3-DK TOW) - 12.5 %
  14. Suggestions for future iterations of 80s nostalgia: "You're the Best" - Karate Kid I "Hearts on Fire" - Rocky IV "No Easy Way Out" - Rocky IV "Eye of the Ti..." (nah, that song gets too much love already) Intro score for Conan the Barbarian "Conan, what is best in life?" dialogue from Conan between one of the Khans and Arnie. "Red Dawn" speech from the Spetsnaz commander (Strelnikov?) about the new strategy
  15. Looks like my city library has it electronically both on Kindle and audio. Also looks like a fun read. Thanks!
  16. Just chiming in with some work-arounds, and the below by no means should be considered an official endorsement, but rather conversational input for the purpose of information sharing given some of the requests expressed here -- Note all of the below are either native to Windows, or are free (but for OBS, please check their terms of use as one always would using any open-source software). For videos, you can use Window's native X-Box game bar, which is configurable and can easily record in-game or in-app (e.g., a web browser or the SB menu screens), but will not record your desktop or windows (like file explorer). The default keyboard combination for this is CTRL-Windows-R to begin recording, and has worked for me in almost every application needed for recording in a simulation like Steel Beasts. The one limitation is that it will stop recording between screen changes, such as going from the map or mission editor to the loaded briefing or from there into the sim itself. My next suggestion below will address this limitation. Additionally, OBS Studio is another, more configurable, option that will record your entire desktop regardless of whether you are in an app or not, and allows for many different input sources for both videos and microphones/audio. Presumably this is what many streamers use as well on different social media apps to customize what appears there. While a little bit complicated to use initially, using it for an hour or so will get one rapidly used to configuring it for optimal use later. For screenshots, other than using the default print-screen button your keyboard and pasting that into a different app, you can use Window's "Snip & Sketch" tool, which is very useful for capturing images, marking them up, and then saving. The default keyboard shortcut for this is Windows-SHIFT-S.
  17. Nice photo assets from China. They sure do turn up the saturation levels and sharpening in Lightroom or Photoshop though... Those blues and greens look a little too blue and green, know what I mean? Same for some of the definition.
  18. Good game on Friday, the scenario was a lot of fun, though the consensus was that the win conditions might need to be more explicit in the briefing for at least one side. It would also be interesting to play that again with the missing folks who couldn't make it on Friday to see if this end result changed substantially. Stats below -- in the interest of keeping things team-oriented and not gamey or individual-highlighting, I'm reverting back to the earlier format: Statistics for Report from: .\reports\Kymijoki River Crossing 4250_OMU.sce_11_08-06-21_19_29_08.htm without artillery kills Summary statistics on Kill ranges in meters for Tank targets: count 14.000000 mean 707.142857 std 607.804986 min 67.000000 25% 240.500000 50% 476.500000 75% 1088.000000 max 2244.000000 Summary statistics on Kill ranges in meters for PC targets: count 15.000000 mean 843.866667 std 695.997113 min 62.000000 25% 276.500000 50% 618.000000 75% 1591.500000 max 1993.000000 Summary statistics on Kill ranges in meters for personnel targets: count 82.000000 mean 365.890244 std 283.346841 min 18.000000 25% 123.500000 50% 283.500000 75% 581.750000 max 1158.000000 Unit and type for max range Tank type kill: (Shooter, Unit) (Shooter, Type) (Target, Target distance) 464 3 Co/023 (Red) PC (BMP-2) 2244.0 Unit and type for max range PC type kill: (Shooter, Unit) (Shooter, Type) (Target, Target distance) 395 1/1/E (Blue) Tank (T-55A m.1970) 1993.0 Tanks were killed by these unit types: Tank (T-72B1 m.1984) 7 PC (BMP-2) 2 Tank (T-72A/M1 m.1982) 2 personnel (Rifle squad) 2 Tank (T-55A m.1970) 1 PCs were killed by these unit types: Tank (T-72B1 m.1984) 5 personnel (Rifle squad) 3 PC (BMP-2) 3 personnel (Missile team) 2 Tank (T-55A m.1970) 1 Tank (T-72A/M1 m.1982) 1 Tanks were killed by these unit types: Tank (T-72B1 m.1984) 50.0% PC (BMP-2) 14.29% Tank (T-72A/M1 m.1982) 14.29% personnel (Rifle squad) 14.29% Tank (T-55A m.1970) 7.14% PCs were killed by these unit types: Tank (T-72B1 m.1984) 33.33% personnel (Rifle squad) 20.0% PC (BMP-2) 20.0% personnel (Missile team) 13.33% Tank (T-55A m.1970) 6.67% Tank (T-72A/M1 m.1982) 6.67% END MESSAGE
  19. Ok, last bit until the next game: Breakouts, kills per player. Not to turn this into a scoreboard or anything, just some trivia: (Shooter, Player) (-DK-) 6 (CavGunner) 3 (Colebrook) 32 (Dark) 7 (Pariah) 10 (RogueSnake) 1 (Sean) 1 (TankHunter) 18 (Valleyboy) 1 (Volcano) 9 (ZERO) 1
  20. And percentage breakouts: Kill tally: blue 116 red 36 % breakout: (ouch) blue 76.3% red 23.7% Tanks were killed by these unit types: Tank (Sho't Kal) 41.86% Tank (Piranha DF90) 20.93% Tank (T-55A m.1970) 13.95% personnel (Rifle squad) 9.3% personnel (Missile team) 4.65% personnel (Scout team) 4.65% Tank (T-62 m.1972) 2.33% PC (VEC-M1) 2.33% PCs were killed by these unit types: Tank (Piranha DF90) 40.62% Tank (Sho't Kal) 28.12% personnel (Rifle squad) 12.5% PC (VEC-M1) 6.25% Tank (T-55A m.1970) 3.12% PC (ZSU-23-4) 3.12% Tank (T-62 m.1972) 3.12% personnel (Scout team) 3.12% So, the Sho't Kal's and DF90s pretty much slaughtered everything 🥺
  21. Friday's game was interesting, I wish I could have stuck around for the debrief but I had a podcast to go do, we ran late this game. I'm working on another way to slice this data (hopefully tonight or tomorrow, maybe by team?), but meanwhile, I think it is worth looking at the kill stats given some of the controversy on our team about whether the scenario was well-balanced vs. the equipment. For the record, I'm not experienced enough to know either way, but there was feedback that the Sho't Khal's were already OP, and that the DF90's sealed it. So here is the initial look at how units died: Tanks were killed by these unit types: Tank (Sho't Kal) 18 Tank (Piranha DF90) 9 Tank (T-55A m.1970) 6 personnel (Rifle squad) 4 personnel (Missile team) 2 personnel (Scout team) 2 Tank (T-62 m.1972) 1 PC (VEC-M1) 1 PCs were killed by these unit types: Tank (Piranha DF90) 13 Tank (Sho't Kal) 9 personnel (Rifle squad) 4 PC (VEC-M1) 2 Tank (T-55A m.1970) 1 PC (ZSU-23-4) 1 Tank (T-62 m.1972) 1 personnel (Scout team) 1
  22. Was this one also Co-Op? May I have the report file, if anyone saved it?
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