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  1. Artillery_attitude_explained_charts_revised

    Totally revised version of the Artillery Attitude Charts to replace the previous one.  This one revises the explanation and core concept to demonstrate on a compass what attitude in mils should be set depending on whether the desired artillery zone is wider than long, or vice versa, and how that corresponds with the axis of adjustment.  The emphasis is on a point in the center of the bombardment zone and how it aligns vs. 0 to 3200 mils, with 0 always oriented to the North. It also includes 2 examples.
    Feedback/Improvement suggestions are welcome.


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  2. WERM_ShotKal

    Playable as Blue Side Only --
    This mission is the walk-the-talk portion of a Wiki article on using WERM and visual ranging, with this mission specfically highlighting the gill flaps on the T-64 that historically created ambiguity for gunners and commanders when ranging in poor visual conditions in the era before laser rangefinding.  In this scenario, you will be the gunner on 1-2 Sho't Kal tanks, using WERM in conjunction with your own experience and practice to hit incoming enemy tanks under challenging visual conditions.   Most of these targets will be T-64A's on the move, giving the user the chance to experience that "range-disruption" effect of the gill flaps first-hand. This is a firing range scenario, so these tanks will not be shooting back.  There are two firing position options, both of which can be activated, as well as a bonus round that can be enabled for additional practice and variety.
    Feedback, bug reports, and anything else (Do you like it?  If not, why?  How can I improve or iterate this?  Want a sequel?) is welcomed, this is my first file here and more will be coming in a similar vein, for a tutorial or "Practice X skill or System" perspective.
    Thank you!


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