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  1. Hello all, I'm looking for some assistance with the Multiplayer. 12Alfa and I have tried repeatedly to connect, but with zero luck! I turn off my firewall and I don't have a antivirus on my computer, so I really don't know what we are doing wrong!! Your help will be greatly appreiciated!! Thanks, Timex2
  2. Hello all and thanks again for your assistance! I have Steel Beasts Pro Pe 4.1 backup and running!! It was something simple, a friend of mine figured out the issue and I'm back up and running!!
  3. Yes it look like I'm going to have to re-install this program!!
  4. I found it, its on another drive and its all mixed in with other things on my drive! I tried to launch the game but it wouldnt let me!!
  5. I really dont know what I've done!!
  6. Its gone I did a complete search of all my hard drives, no luck! I hope this doesn't mean I have to re-install SB.......???? I do really appreciate all your help!!
  7. That's no fun on New Years Day! I look in the Esims folder and I looked, but I couldn't find a folder release, or SBProPE64cm.exe!! I looked through every entry in the Esims folders, nothing there? It's a mystery!! I moved another program to a different hard drive and this was the result!!
  8. Happy New Year to you and all of your family! Wishing you all the very best in the New Year! Can we talk on TeamSpeak?
  9. Hi all, I recently transferred Steel Beasts Pro Pe 4.1 to another hard drive and I lost my desktop shortcut and I cant start SB. I went into S.B. directory and I don't see where I can start SB! Can someone please help me out? Thank you Timex2
  10. Hello all and Merry Christmas to all Steal Beasts Pro Pe. I looking for help with creating an objective. I would also like to learn how to download Maps. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! I'm on TeamSpeak, my nickname is Timex2. Thanks, Timex2
  11. Timex2

    Download Maps

    Hi and Merry Christmas. I finally ordered a set of headphones with a mic. Let me know when you have some free time to talk on TeamSpeak.
  12. Thanks everyone, your assistance is greatly appreciated!! Timex2
  13. HI all, Im new to Steel Beasts Pro Pe 4.1. My question is, is there a rant structure in SB and do you get rewards or medals. Thanks, Timex2
  14. Timex2

    Download Maps

    The the units are red and I set the Red side to computer controlled. Do you have the link to Toyguy. Thanks again for your help!!
  15. Timex2

    Download Maps

    Thank You very much. I downloaded Cam Unzip 5, have you heard of this program, it was recommended. I will give it a try and see what happens!!
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