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  1. ohhhh ok so just wait till it is up and get a 4.0 license prior to running?
  2. After the update my codemter is indicating empty/ no license. how do i fix that doohicky?
  3. I have no problem waiting a year or so for a perfect product :-)
  4. PLEASE doctor up the M1A1 and M1A2 interiors to look as weathered with as detailed intricate details as the screenshots of the crewable M60A3
  5. I support this, but it would be a great added bonus if you guys could doctor up the m1a1/m1a2 interiors to look like those screen shots of the m60a3...the weathering, intricate details, etc.
  6. Excellent M-60 video. The turret interrior looks amazing. Any chance the M1 turret interior will get the same doctored up graphical treatment?
  7. Touched up/redux hi-resolution m1-series interiors with wear and tear, driver positions, possible crew members
  8. What programs and/or utilities are essential for editing skins?
  9. Too bad my motorola router does not support port forwarding.
  10. Thanks, I will check it out and see what I can do.
  11. I just had DSL hooked-up, I downloaded teamspeak, but can't seem to connect to an online game. I have windos vista 64 if that means anything. As far as I know, my router doesn't block private IP's.
  12. lol I meant will we actually be able to be positioned in a virtual gunners seat with an ability to pan around the turret instead of just have a GPS and periscope view? Like the Bradley, Leopard, etc.
  13. I am currently designing a map of Fallujah. I am using satellite pics, military maps, and simple color 1km grid breakdown maps. This will prob take me a month at least, but it will be good. There will be a plethora of buildings, so your frame rates may take a hit. I will have all the surrounding highways, railroad tracks etc...I will try to make the placement of buildings as accurate as possible, but the size, shape of the city and the position of roads will be right on. That would be cool if the deisigners could make more buildings I.E. mosques, industrial buildings etc..
  14. Can someone post some simple installation instructions for this utility? I.E. step by step before I screw up my files lol...thanks guys
  15. Steel beasts is perfect on widescreens, I am running it on a 19" and it is huge in front of my face, no disproportionate resizing, all correct sizes. gateway 19" here
  16. I remember once upon a time I was able to open and edit hgt. maps. I am running 2.370 Beta on vista 64 with directx 9.0c, everything is great, maxed out frame rates, but can't open up any hgt. maps. Am I experiencing a software conflict? when I am in the map/ mission editor, there is only an option for the terrain maps, I can't right click or anything for hgt. maps. Am I doing something wrong? What is the procedure to access these hgt maps? Thanks for your help guys.
  17. An image of this vast city with a minaret is included with sample images of PRO PE on this sight, but haven't been able to find it in any of the maps...anyone know which one it is? Thanks
  18. DavidZill


    With ProPE, I downloaded a plethora of skins, however I noticed Beta has its own file path. Does that mean that all of those skins I downloaded will not work on Beta? I noticed the texture files in beta are different kinds of files. If someone could elaborate for me, that would be awesome.
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