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  1. Thanks for replying Ssnake. I do have a second router on my home network which is a dedicated VPN router - I didn’t know it was possible to do what you described! Need to do a bit of digging.
  2. Interesting insight, thanks Ssnake. Just one more quick thought. I travel a lot for work and would like to be able to use SB when away from home. Is the dongle transferable between desktop and a laptop?
  3. Sounds great. Thanks for the extra info guys. Looking forward to getting stuck in
  4. Thanks Ssnake - good news :). I hear what you say about different problems and it’s to be expected to some degree. The forums here have nowhere near the amount of negative comments as the ED one does so that’s good enough for me!
  5. Hey Guys. New here too and inclined to jump straight in for the $125 full fat option. Only thing is I got stung when I bought P3d back in the day when they upgraded about a month later and I had to buy the update.... is the next SB due out any time soon cos I’ve seen a few 4.2 vids on YouTube...? Also I’m into DCS which is frustrating due to the constant breaking and fixing of modules and base game. Does that occur in SB or is it stable? Thanks for your thoughts
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