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  1. To answer the still "unanswered question" (btw: also a fascinating piece of music by Charles Ives) how to have 2 Windows licenses at the same time, I will tell you the whole truth, though shocking it may be: The XP license stems from my first (and now dismantled) gaming PC, dating back to 2002. The Vista license came with a notebook I purchased a year ago. Just guess what happened to this Vista system? Once again the same answer: it was replaced by Ubuntu Linux after a few weeks of suffering from Vista performance and stability. I think this (although now completely off-topic) explains my special relationship with Vista ...
  2. Issue resolved!! It follows an instructive account on what Vista and/or Vista drivers are worth: After having had even more issues with other games and AA-settings I decided to repartition my hard drive and install Windows XP into the newly created partition. It followed a short struggle with the broken Vista boot loader, but even this issue could be fixed. So now I have a dual-boot system. And just guest what happened to my AA issues after I had installed SB under Windows XP?You know the answer, ... they had gone. AA works again as in old days. Bottom line: the use of Vista and/or Vista drivers is still strongly disencouraged from.
  3. First of all let me say that the support in this forum is outstanding (both from esim games and the community). Kudos to you all. @Ssnake: I have no whatsoever mod installed. I'm running SB out of the box, patched to "SB Pro PE 2.328 Hotfix". You are also perfectly right with your statement that "there is no inherent reason why AA should not be possible." The most likely explanation for my issues might be a driver-related flaw? Anyway, as requested by you, I attach a dxdiag log file. Maybe you find something extraordinary in it. Let's hope. I should also mention that the DirectX error message, shown in the jpeg-file, obviously only appears when (1) SB is in windowed mode and (2) the AA setting is changed in the CCC application while the simulation is running. Given that, the error message isn't that surprising because normal users are not expected to do that. @HotTom: I tried several resolutions, but it turned out for me that the resoultion had no impact on AA. What you describe might be caused by interpolation (applied by the monitor when the selected resoultion differs from the native resolution). But I'm not a geek either. DxDiag.txt
  4. Well, I tried Wicked's procedure several times with different AA settings in the CCC ... unfortunately no effect: AA still turned off. It seems as if there is no way to turn AA on my video card. (The only thing that happend from time to time is a DirectX error box popping up, see attachment) Ok, I give it up and get back to my flight simulators. (I know that I'm a purist ... but commanding a tank with all these edges along the surfaces is not only distracting me but also making me mad.)
  5. Thanks Ssnake, thanks Wicked. @Wicked: What you suggest sounds really, really encouraging. I will give your trick a try tomorrow (when I'm back at my game PC) and report to you afterwards If this workaround should work for me too, I will be a happy SB user again.
  6. A couple of days I got my new PC. One of the first things I installed was of course SB Pro PE. The installation was hassle-free, afterwards SB was running fine ... with one (at least for me) totally annoying issue: anti-aliasing had no effect. Whatever I configure in the Catalyst Control Center (level, filter), whatever resolution I select: no AA! It's driving me crazy. Has anybody out there experienced the same problem, or even has a remedy? Any help appreciated!!! My specs: - Windows Vista SP 1 32bit - Radeon 4870 with the latest Catalyst driver installed (8.11) Incidentally, there were no AA-issues with my old PC and SB Pro PE (Windows XP, Radeon X800XT)
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