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    Just wondered how to switch to thermal view in the JIM-LR....
  2. My Wish List: -More UAV implemetation in the game (more variants, UCAVs, and more common use of UAVs). A standard US company in 2020 have atleast 1 Raven hand-held UAV. -T-90M (Armata series before T-90M ??) -MATV & GAZ Tiger -RWS for MBTs -M2A3 & M1A2 SEPv2 (M829A4 too maybe ???) -More modern Helicopters like the KA-52, M-28N , AH64-D\E, MI-35, PARS for to the Tiger UHT and bieng able to modify the armaments the have in the scenario editor (16 Hellfires or maybe 76 Hydras and 4 AIM 92 Stingers, 8 PARS 3 with 4 AIM-92s, 12 Vkhir ) and Flares. -More airstrike options in the support tab (maybe ATGMs, rockets runs or bombing runs and the BRRRRT thing) and AI for aiming the weapons (if that danm Shilka moves 1cm away from the drop zone the JDAM should follow her). -MANPADs Thats a long wish list when I look at it....
  3. Thanks a lot guys ! Awsome community !
  4. So I need to shutdown the engine if I want this stuff to work ? Thank you.
  5. Hello, as you may noticed in my last thread I'm new. I wanted to know what Combat support vehicles do (Medics, ARVs, Fuelers, Supplys etc.) and how to use the effectively.
  6. I wanted to play the scenario Golan Night Patrol scenario, so I put it in the "My scenarios" file as usual but when i try to load the scenario it tells me there is no map for it (or at least no map that I have). How do I attach a map for the scenario ? Or I simply cant play the scenario because it was created in a different version of the game.
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