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  1. Something came up this Friday, I won't be attending. Wish you lots of fun.
  2. I am interested but put me down as a maybe. Trying to make it but no promises. The scenario sounds interesting. Well done.
  3. Higgs


    Version 1.0.0


    Year: 1984 Timeframe: 45 minutes Own units: 2x plt Leopard 2A4, 2x plt Marder 1A3, 1x CO, 1x XO, 1x M113 Medic, 1x Wiesent ARV, 1x Unimog Supply truck Move north and destroy hostile artillery guns. Map is "Eastern Europe map" by @ben. Map package is embeded. Thanks to @Apocalypse 31, @Leon Portier and @Arch for feedback and useful tipps. Any feedback is welcome. Have fun.
  4. What is their original waypoint tactic? They will not embark on any route if their waypoint tactic is set to hold for example. They way to fix it is to give them an alternative tactic or to have a condition when to follow the route.
  5. Will not be able to participate this week and next week. Perhaps it will work in two weeks time. Good hunting.
  6. It's been a week or two but this one I will be able to attend.
  7. Here is another one from yesterday from a multiplayer game. The formation was initially correct but when I attempted to change it, the platoon didn't form it properly. The idea was for my platoon to follow the road in a column formation. The mistake in forming the cloumn drastically slowed down the unit as at every corner the platoon lead waited for the (what should be) second tank in the platoon. This tank however, was at the very end of the formation. The picture show A14 which should be the second tank but it's the last in formation.
  8. Will be there. Will take any tank since I have no clue about Badger and Assassin.
  9. Recently I noticed that units sometimes have issues forming the formations. In the pictures attached, you can see the perspective of two different vehicles, both part of the same platoon. The first picture shows the second callsing in the platoon as you can tell by the number in the lower left corner. It SHOULD be the secon tank in the column but it's the last. The second picture shows the fourth tank, which should be last but is second. The issue arises when ordering the platoon to follow a path. The AI of the first tank will wait for the second tank to catch up. Which won't happend because the (should be) second tank won't attempt to catch up because it wants to be the last tank in the formation. In this instance I used a self made template for German call-signs but it happens with the US generic template to. Is there something I'm missing here? A way to prevent this?
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