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  1. I had the same thought. If Oakdesing is alone it might make sense to have someone help him out. 3 AI tanks can be quite tough. So if JAG helps him that be great. Alternatively I cpuld help him out for one mission. I guess it's easier to have one platoon with 3 players and one with two rather than one with 4 and one guy alone. But we can have a loot at this tomorrow.
  2. I should be there. Might be easier if we know how many are going to attend.
  3. No worries. I figured as much. All good. After all I did write I wasn't going to be able to attend for a while.
  4. B13 if possible. Differential equations can wait this Sunday. I'll be there if that works.
  5. I have stuff to do again this week. I hope to catch you in two weeks time but at the moment I have too much shit going on and no time to attend. I wish everyone a pleasant time.
  6. I need to get some studying done this Sunday so I won't be able to attend. Have fun.
  7. This could very well be the problem. Sounds like a reasonable answer. Thank you.
  8. The various Tutorials (you have played them, haven't you ) cover these sorts of degraded gunnery scenarios. I have actually played them I just don't remeber them talking about runing out of power but instead having a damaged vehicle. That the emergency modes are modeled is clear. Maybe I missunderstood what you mean, but I still think your tank won't run out of hydraulic/electric power? However those system can get damaged. The "Gunnery I" Tutorial for the Leo 2A4 and 2A5 (based on your avatar) specifically covers the loss of hydraulics (tap, tap, tap, ... to traverse or elevate, etc.). I do know how to enter those modes and also how to manually range etc.
  9. 1. Unsure what you mean by "couldn't tow one vehicle"? I was definitely close enough. All vehicles were exactly the same without any mine plows or anything. The only damage the vehicles had was one Leopard with an injured driver and the other one with a broken radio. (Obviously I tried to attach the rope from the working tank to the one I wanted to tow. Not sure if it's supposed to work the other way round.) When I tried to attach the tow rope it didn't give me the possibility to attach it to another vehicle. (I don't know how to properly explain it so I'll just do my best.) Usually when you click "tow another vehicle" you can see your mouse on the screen and when you hower over another tank it shows the callsing. After clicking you can see it worked it the lover left corner. Now in my situtaion I couldn't enter that "mode". Meaning clicking "tow another vehicle" didn't do anything. Similar thing happens when you try to reload but your ready rack is full. The tank just does nothing and your mouse disappears. The same thing happened but it did not attach the rope. 2. I'm aware that without power you couldn't properly use the turret but that's not really what happend. My engine was still running only the driver was injured. I had little time so I opted to tow the tank away instead of holding the position and wait for a medic etc. But the shaking wasn't something you'd see with broken stabilisation. My sigh was going all over the place very quickly. Not just when driving around a corner or over a bumpy road. If the engine or APU isn't running you are unlikely to have stab (let alone power traverse/ elevation) so engagements are likely to be using emergency / manual mode. While I generally agree with that I feel like this isn't modeled in yet is it? Maybe I'm wrong about this but I feel like tanks have unlimited power don't they? (I could very well be wrong about this but it hadn't happened to me that a tank ran out of electric power.) I'd leave the shooting to the AI and focus on getting out of there if the enemy is that close. Fair enough. Don't get me wrong neither of these things are game breaking or anything, I was just wondering if they were supposed to be this way. I don't think I did anything wrong with the mechanics. Anyway I appreaciate your response.
  10. Two questions for the experienced Steel Beasts user. 1st When my radio is down, is it possible to tow another vehicle? I couldn't tow one vehicle and the only damage my rescue vehicle had was a radio damage. It worked with another tank that was fully operational. (All three vehicles were Leopard 2A5's so the size should not have been the problem.) 2nd When I'm in a tank that is being towed away, my vision is shaking all over the place. It is not possible to engage enemy manualy which is a bit of a shame. Has anyone made a similar experience and knows hot to fix it or is it a "feature"? If someone knows an answer to either question I'd appreciate it. Also have a lovely day everyone!
  11. Unfortunately I can't make this one I have other plans already. I hope you're all having a fun time and I'll probaby talk to you Sunday after that.
  12. B12 for Badger he can't load the website. He also wrote B14 for Cavgunner although I haven't confirmed that myself.
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