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  1. Well maybe if you have the same group every week you can choose to use the default settings and see if that works for everyone. I get decent performance by just using the default render distances. (Which puts everything at 50% I believe.) If someone complains you might need to figure out what works for them. Then you can use your own prefered settings again. For default (if that works for everyone) you can just press one button and the settings are adapted. Only changing them back to what you prefere will need to know what exact setting you want. But I see your point. Maybe having an option to save individual settings and readapt them with a click would be neat.
  2. I had the experience that my performance was really bad with hosts who had the render distance on the maximum. I usually only use the default settings. So to answer the question, yes if you host with your settings, someone with a less powerfull machine will not have a good performance.
  3. Occasionally when joining a multiplayer session your personal setting get overwritten. This is fine for realism settings etc. but it's a bit of a problem for graphics settings. Now most of the time it just does this for the time you spend on the server but every now and then you actively have to change your settings again. My question is, is there a rule to when it does it only for the session and when it overwrites them for singpleplayer as well? Is there a way to prevent this? Maybe it has something to do with settings by the host?
  4. I have plans today, so I won't join you guys. I wish you a lot of fun and good hunting. I hope to join you another time soon.
  5. 1) I understand. Well if it's not possible I can live with it. It's far from game breaking. Just a minor inconvenience. 2) Okay got it. I wasn't sure if it was known.
  6. I noticed that with the new update there seems to be a problem with the Leopard 2 auxiliary sight. On the most modern version (Leopard 2A6MA2) the reticle is easily redable. On all version which are less new they are very hard to read. Additionally, some lines are not focused while others look how they should. This is the reticle of the Leopardo 2E. This is what it looks like on the Leopard 2A6MA2. This is what is seen on all the older versions. (I did NOT check vehicles such as the Swedish Stridsvagn 122.) Is this intentionall? To me it looks like the field of view or the magnification is incorrect on some versions. The picture of the Leopardo 2E is taken from the shooting range. Meanwhile the other two picture are from a custom scenario. In the background, barely visible are some targets. On both the Leopard 2A6 and the Leopard 2A6MA2 they are roughly at the same distance from the tank. Yet on the Leopard 2A6MA2 they are much bigger. Did the magnification change with the upgrade? (From my personal experience I would say the Leopard 2A6MA2 represents reality the most accurately at the moment.) Also, note on the scale to the left, not all range lines are focused (as described above). This appears to be the case on all versions.
  7. I won't make it. Unfortunately I have to drop out. Have fun.
  8. I've just last night experienced the same issue. I played two scenarios, the first went without a problem. On the second however, everytime I switched the position, (from gunner to TC, from inside to outside, from one vehicle to another, or from one sight to the next) I had a brief two seconds with FPS below 10. After that time it normalised and (when staying in that position or gun sight) it would run smoothly again. I use mostly the standard graphic settings with some things turned down.
  9. Unfortunately there's a 50% chance I have to drop out. I will let you know as soon as possible.
  10. Good to hear that. I don’t doubt that the T-72B3 doesn’t use the best thermal sight but I must assume it’s better than this. And this is certainly true for the M1A2 which has a rather unrealistically bad CITV and TIS right now. But again, I appreciate the effort you guys make.
  11. Not here to beat a dead horse but the T-72B3 thermal is awful like that. I am aware that russian military equipment has proven to be less advanced than expected but this is essenially useless isn't it? I appreciated the effort to make the game/simulation realistic but I think this didn't work out as planned. Thermals that don't offer brightness and contrast adjustment aren't very good right now. On the other side with the Leopard 2 it feels like cheating. The CITV can be adjusted to show the entire world, but still make enemy vehicles glow like a christmas tree. Here a comparison between the T-72B3 TIS and the Leopard 2A5 CITV. On one I can see all the of the tress and the terrain AND all targets glow. On the other I can barely see the target, let alone make out what the world looks like.
  12. Yes to me to. I didn't see it. thank you.
  13. I am yet not certain I can attend. Which version do you guys run today? I know in the past SBProPE-GefGem has been a bit more reluctant with newer version than other groupes.
  14. Wherever needed. Preferably a Leopard, but I'll take anything.
  15. Nowadays yes, but I think it used to be just 3 back in the days. This scenario is one of those that come with the base game by the way and I think it has 3 tanks in each platoon in that version as well.
  16. If Cavgunner and Badger (or anybody else) have no objections and given the fact that Assassin unfortunately can't attend, I would like to take 1/1/A
  17. Can't make it unfortunately. Will probably be there next week. Have fun.
  18. If Assassin doesn't want to lead, I can take the platoon another time. Something came up, I won't make it today. Catch you next week and have fun.
  19. So I guess Assassin took A14 to leave space for someone to attempt a platoon lead. I can try that I guess. So A11.
  20. For those who want the scenarion, here is the direkt link to the download page. It should by default list them with the most recent one up top. https://forum.steelbeasts.org/downloads/category-file-list/17-szenarien/ If you scroll down you will find all scenarios uploaded to the forum. As soon as the file is uploaded you will find it there. Nex step would be to press the big green button, and last there will be a confirmation for licensing terms. Tick box and click the button in the middle. I hope this will help.
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