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  1. I see. Well thank you guys for letting me know about this.
  2. Oh I didn't know that. So does that mean, when I have two allied forces, I can have one use (for example) German voices and the other one US voices?
  3. I am aware what follows will probably be considered too much effort for too little to gain but here we go anyway. I'd love to have the option to set the voices of a vehicle to the language of the country which produced/ owns the vehicle. So if I am inside an M1 I'd get the US voice lines, inside a Challenger I'd get the UK voices lines and inside a Leopard I'd get German voice lines. Now I am aware that for example the Leopard is used by many countries so it would be cool if the camouflage scheme would also determin the language spoken. I understand not everyone wants that so it would probably be great to have an option to turn it off.
    That was pretty solid. Short scenario that isn't difficult but pretty satisfying. I like it.
  4. Some of those sound very good. Can't wait for it.
  5. I'm interested, however it depends on the time frame of these mission. The new semester just started and I won't have unlimited spare time to sink into Steel Beasts.
  6. I saw your comment and wanted to check because I had not noticed that yet. What I quickly noticed is that (at least sometimes) the gunner sits too high. In the image provided below the gunner sits on the back rest of the gunner seat. 😁 For reference the same situation inside the A4 with the gunner properly sitting in his seat. Not that that's something super important, I just realised it and thought I'd let you know.
  7. I'm most likely not home this time. As always have fun and good shooting.
  8. Some updates to the tutorials would be lovely. I just saw the ones for the Leopard 2 TC position. In all of which the text says the distance needs to be input by pressing the key on the keyboard and pressing enter. They all say the Kommandantenbediengerät is currently not modelled. Which is no longer the case. (This was in the German tutorial)
  9. I tried it on the Leopard 2A4 (also in the tutorial) where it appears to work wonderfully.
  10. I could replicate the problem in the Leopard 2A5 tutorial. Using the KH mode and the TIS as well as the daysight channel of the Perri. Pressing fire will result in the TC ordering the gunner to fire instead of shooting the gun. Full control of the gun works in KH HZF (I believe this is the correct name) mode. One can lase and fire the gun and all other aspects work to.
  11. I had similar issues as descirbed with the Marder 1A3 with the Leopard 2 as well. While being in the gunner, fired a round and as soon as the reload was done another round was fired. Even though I was gunner and had not pressed the button. I also had troubles with the brightness of the TIS. It seems like sometimes the input doesn't get cancelled and the brightness keeps getting lower until the screen is just black. I guess it might be a similar bug.
  12. While I understand what you're saying, I've noticed something similar with other vehicles in the past. For example on the Leopard 2. The gunner (NFV) is far less responsive then the TC controlling the gun. (Betriebsart: KW). At least with my joystick, the turret is significantly more sensitiv to slight adjustments than it is in the gunners seat, making small adjustments nearly impossible. The same thing is true for the T-72B3 thermal sight. The turret is far more sensitive when using the thermal sight, than it is using the daysight. Regardless of magnification. The same is true when using the mouse. On the gunners seat, there's a little area in the middle, in which keeping the mouse will result in no turret movement. Using the TC this area is much smaller. I guess for some reason this translates into the sensitivity of the joystick.
  13. I really like that we can adjust the contrast and brightness of (some) thermal imagers now. That's pretty sweet. (Even though the one on the Leopard 2 is pretty awful due to the changes in low resolution.)
  14. Ahh I see. Well I thought it was intentionally or was forgotten. Good to hear it's on the radar.
  15. Just a small thing. When i use the auxiliary sight on the Leopard and zero it to 2000 meters it stays on that value until I change it again. Meaning I can switch position, jump to a different vehicle etc, when I come back it's still on 2000 meters. However, when I set up my thermal imager this doesn't happen. I set it up (contrast, brightness), swap to the TC and my entire set up has alredy been set back to standard. This is a bit frustrating. Is it possible to change that? That would very helpful.
  16. Higgs

    Map download fail

    Okay so I managed to find a solution. For some reason, using a VPN fixes the issue. I don't know why but for me it works perfectly now.
  17. Higgs

    Map download fail

    I do have enough space on the disk. Could be the connection although I doubt it. I never had any troubles with it. Is there another way to get my hands on these maps? Or do I need to try until it works?
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