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  1. A13 It is possible that I will show up a little late (maximum about 30 minutes). I'll do my best to be on time but I've got stuff going on so it might not be possible.
  2. 13 GNR please. Seems like an interesting idea, never done that before. Definitely looking forward.
  3. Patrol(H) H23 I hope this works, but I don't really feel comfortable being inside H21
  4. A1 (M1A1) A13 If still available. (i believe I talked to someone recently who usually plays that role so if that person wants to that's okay for me but if it is free, I'd take it. I don't remeber the name unfortunately.)
  5. Mission 3 D1 DK (Leopard 2A5 DK-Mk2) D13 If that is possible.
  6. Mission 2a A1 M1A2 A14 If that is possible.
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