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  1. As far as I can tell, when the damage is written in red colour, that means the event you're looking at caused it. When the damaged is written in black, it means the vehicle had previously received damage and was hit another time. So when destroyed is written in red, the projectile/explosion you're looking at in this very moment, is what destroyed the vehicle. When written in black, the vehicle had previously been destroyed and has been affected by another event some time later.
  2. Well, unfortunately I won't make it once again. 😒. I'm sorry but I have too much going on right now. Hopefully it'll work next week.
  3. A13 assuming Assassin grabs A11. Then A12 for Badger but I'm not sure about Cavgunner.
  4. Ahh unfortunately I have to drop out. Stuff came up. Sorry gents.
  5. Unfortunately I have no time. Looking forward to playing with you another time.
  6. Ah well. Then I'm looking forward playing with you soon. Then I'll take a tank. Wherever one is available.
  7. I'll have a tank. Not sure if Cavgunner or Badger show up. If yes I'll join their platoon.
  8. I'll be there. A tank for me please. Probably either A22 or one of the A3 tanks if those are still up for manning.
  9. Ah yeah makes sense. Overall it appears to be fairly similar, with some minor exceptions. Thank you for the answer.
  10. This is quite interesting because I'd like to compare it to the way we do it. Does the gunner also alert the crew or does he just start with the description. If my TC sees a target he basically goes: 1. Ammo type 2. Designated and call out target. (For example tank). 3. Wait for "identified" and "up" to give fire order. Also interesting would be how you alert the rest of the platoon. We just do the first step via radio and not only on internal com.
  11. C23 for me. If Cavgunner doesn't take C24 I'll take that one though.
  12. I'll take A14 then. (Not sure if you saw the edit of my previous comment.)
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