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  1. Mirzayev - firstly, many, many thanks for your time and for providing such detailed information as well as your video. Worked brilliantly and the video was superb - made it real easy to install, start, in-game setup and do my first M1A2 introduction course on the Tutorial. Going to follow your advice and work my way through the Tutorials etc. Video was excellent and I have subscribed to your channel for the future videos too. Thanks so much - I just uninstalled everything and reinstalled following your instructions and worked like a charm 🙂 Really appreciate it and keep going with the videos - was excellent 🙂
  2. Hi everyone Sorry for being a total noob but I cant get SB running. The SB Map Transfer Manager when I try 'Connect' says - 'The system cannot find the file specified (7)' and when I try to start SB nothing happens other than it shows the days I have left on my subscription. Not sure what the issues are but on the Debug.txt it says: [11:15:22,987] CGame WARN : Package Downloader Local Communication Exception 'The system cannot find the file specified.' (7) [11:15:22,987] CGame WARN : Could not connect to the map package download service! [11:15:22,989] CGame ERROR: Pathengine version is incompatible with headers used for compilation! [11:15:22,989] CGame ERROR: Could not initialize PathEngine! Not sure if anyone can help - I have searched the forum and looked at stopping and restarting the SBMapPackageDownload in services but that didnt do anything, ensuring Administrator Rights etc. I also followed the install instructions on the release notes Thanks very much for any help/info 🙂 All the very best James
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