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  1. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the M1/2/3 MAID (Mech Assault Infantry Destroyer). 1x120MM Main Gun 2xTOW Launcher 1x25mm chain gun 1xM2 .50 cal 3x7.62 mm The Ultimate armor/infantry killer.
  2. LMAO. I posed this question in a Facebook Group of veteran and current Bradley operators and they talking about everything EXCEPT answering the question.... posting pic of the TOW launcher- "This is the TOW launcher elevated". Saying it's heavy they don't drive with it up. Arguing about different versions. Everything but answering the question. Well ONE person answered saying it's under the BC's control not the gunner's. But only 1 guy out of 8 actually answered the question.
  3. I sincerely hope you're kidding about my emotional discomfort. In urban fighting, and pop-up threats on the left it blocks the TC's view. and the gunner's vision block to the left is just short of useless (who uses it anyway?). I'm making this argument because I've been killed several times by threats on the left I couldn't see because the launcher was in the elevated/block TC's view position. Plus, extensive review of Bradley combat footage also indicates it is usually stowed until needed.
  4. I think the true outweighing factor would be.... what's in the Bradley manual? The sim is a training tool for Bradley operators first, right?
  5. Like a SABOT to the heart, Ssnake. A SABOT through my heart and squirting my engine out the back like a 1991 Iraqi Republican Guard Hammurabi Division T-72 Lion of Babylon tank.
  6. 'Cuz I made the mission. Lmao Cuz I like to engage in a variety of missions vs tanks, infantry, IFVs, and mixing it up. In reality yes it's possible infantry could have acquired armor on the sly. I guess I just hate how the TOW launcher automatically goes up and down whenever I stop, even if it's to check my map or issue new orders. The TC should have orders like "Leave TOW launcher stowed" or "have a default TOW down", and an order "Raise TOW Launcher" when it's needed.
  7. Id like the Bradley TC have a command to lower or raise the TOW launcher. AFAIK only the gunner currently does this. Why have it up if I'm only facing infantry?
  8. Great battle tonight. Took my Mini Thunder Run in mini Baghdad and flipped it into Euro fields. RPG gunners in dense forest are deadly deadly deadly!
  9. #questionsIobviouslycannotanswerinthepositive I have historical written by Army vets where they do this. John Antal's Infantry Attack and Armor Attack, for example.
  10. That's what I figured. The books I read about Desert Storm tankers lowkey suggest this.
  11. This has probably been said, but I would like every unit that identifies something to identify themself- "This is 3-2 Tank Right!" And for targets out beyond 500 or 1000 yards , that the spotting/reporting unit provide a 6 digit grid coordinate. This could be mostly for older 60s-90s units. Or, an alternative for in case IVIS or GPS gets jammed.
  12. So I just recently invested in this Sabot publication (along with others) about the SEP 2 M-1A2 and discovered something interesting: The gunner's console in the SEP 2 has the IR sight set aside from the GPS. In the SEP 0 and 1 the IR sight is combined in the GPS. But they went back to M-60A3 ways for the SEP 2. Of course I could guess why. Anybody have an actual explanation for this?
  13. Thanks for the offer/reply! I have figured out how to move platoons together as Teams/Companies. I was experimenting with having the Logistics trail behind but somehow they just took off in front, thru woods. It seemed their object collision code went bonkers. Unfortunately I haven't had much more time to test or evaluate the scenario.
  14. Got a good belly laugh out of this one. Thanks!
  15. Goal: Lay out a militarily, doctrinally correct Cavalry Squadron assault on a Russian-style Armor Heavy Regiment with defense laid in depth (in a European Theater). Progress: By the track grease on my fingers what the hell have I gotten myself into. Current Assessment: This is not a single player operation. Revised Goal: Uhhh.... go back to platoon size operations for now. Additional Notes: When the nightmares go away about entire Abrams platoons driving into rivers and HEMMTTs driving past Scout Bradley sections into enemy kill sacks, work may continue.
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