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  1. I ordered a model M-1A2 Abrams. The word "model" is used very loosely on EBay. Sometimes it means model. Sometimes it means model "model". I just wanted a model. Not a model "model". I got a model "model". >sigh< Defninitely going to do it up in 3xtone NATO camo.
  2. Fun assault. I designed it some time ago then forgot what was where, makes it fun. Over all funbattle, but go to 19 minutes to watch an awesome point blank exchange between 1 M-1A2 and 3xRuski tanks!
  3. I have not gotten it yet, I will soon. But I want to brag that I have been playing Steel Beasts since the early 2000s, purchased on a device called a "CD-ROM" at a place called a "Computer (or PC) Game Store". I even played with some of the vehicle textures. It has come an amazing long way and I look forward to seeing 4.3 and beyond.
  4. Sorry, met a girl. forgot to do this. Will try again soon.
  5. Imma flood try this tonight. Will post and announce my results. Unless I spontaneously combust driving around town on errands.
  6. I wanted to post a link to the account of this happening in the 2003 invasion but I can't find anything but the upgraded Bradley systems. But a Bradley gunner got awarded a kill for shooting down a missile headed toward it. Maybe it's in one of my Armor or other books... f anyone can help I'd love it.
  7. Has anyone successfully used the Bradley's 25mm to shoot down incoming AT missiles?
  8. I would please like that map badly and a lot. It looks awesome!!!
  9. Well, ever since some of the tankers in a F%$#book group said how much they loved the loose Ma Deuce and personally sending .50 cal vengeance upon insurgents I've been partial to that version anyway.
  10. Okay I know its been a while but... I am finally looking into this. I click the little gray box lower left corner and a text box opens up. I can't find anything in the manual about this...?
  11. I just say "Nope." I've followed it a year or so now. Was hopeful when I saw the initial WIP graphics, but the whole 3rd person/GPS thing.... just a dressed up game. As if War Thunder was a skinny freckled redhead and Steel Beasts Pro was Robert Mitchum... and he got drunk and they had a baby... skinny, freckled, red hair and a manly chin.
  12. |I just thought of this and It excites me! SMOKE! Smoke inside the tank if a round penetrates. Just use the smoke effect already in use. And for Halon effect! Damn I'm brilliant.
  13. I think if you're within a few yards of these ladies, they should have a script to walk up to your track and say, "That's an awful big gun, honey..." Please just a temporary ban.
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