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  1. This happens to me all the time. Every "Thunder Run"-esque mission I run. I'll get the map name (for this particular mission) today and let you know, but this happens to me in almost every town, small or big.
  2. So over in Facebook some tankers let me join and go fanboi over their profession. I ask them questions and they are kind to answer, in tanker fashion. I asked which M-2 mount the TCs preferred of the many types the Abrams has seen. I assumed the pintle mounted that requires the TC to stand up all exposed would be the least favorite of all. Boy was I wrong. Of about 20 responses, almost 1/4 preferred the swiveling mount. Why? Because, evidently, nothing says, "$@%#$% YOU!" like personally pointing the Ma-Deuce at the loser who just hit the side of your turret with an RPG
  3. Back in my college days, I wrote a Star Trek Battle simulator. I wrote the AI for the Klingons to seek and maneuver to the stern and/or weak shield of the player's ship to try and dispatch him faster. I was also working on a model for the AI in a tank sim project that didn't come to. I say this because I appreciate the challenges of writing AI behavior. But sometimes I just.....
  4. But that doesn't always happen. Now my missions are usually only with company size forces (occasionally btln if I have time), but tanks and IFVs do not always blow up catastrophically. Sometimes they just smoke, and about 1/4 of the time they just stop working because the crew is incapacitated but the tank is still kinda intact.
  5. 1 HEAT round at barrel's end clears buildings better than any infantry squad or IFV... did this to 3 buildings. One was a small post that I point-blank BLAMMed and all that was left when the dust cleared was no building and four dead terrorist corpses (screenie didn't take :( ). Lmao
  6. Maybe not modelling it so precisely ((I can definitely see the challenges in this), but when a tank blows up catastrophically, have a burnt out skin to put on it, or over its existing skin with alpha channels.
  7. Another wishlist item- enemy that retreats when they lose a certain percent of their force. I know this can be "programmed" into scenarios via the mission creator, but I think it should be in the basic AI code. All modern wars the enemy knows when he's beat and withdraws.
  8. Now hear me out before you judge me: I play War Thunder with my son a lot. He loves tanks and planes and it's one of our connection points. Don't spoil a father's pride... But one thing I've learned with WT is that forest shadows make very effective hiding places for the enemy, or myself. To be sitting there, looking into a tree line and not seeing anything until "Pop"-"TANNGGGGG!!!" just to the right where you were looking is very unnerving. So if we could add shadows to the trees (make it an option for the fps challenged, of course) it would be a tactical
  9. Some 24 years ago I was getting a small group of people to start making a new Tank sim... something like MP's Tank Platoon, but a little better- Abrams, Bradley would be driveable. Maps would be bigger. More weather and time of day options. Me and my C++ and the other two guys were off to a good start. Then one of them, the guy with the most C++ ability, got hired away by some maverick company... Bsim was it? Dsim? Something like that, he didn't tell me the name right away. And we other 2 gave up. But I'm not bitter. Not at all.
  10. ...no longer JUST a tank sim, then.
  11. Spent the last week learning how to use M113s w infantry and the M1064s for mortar artillery. Missions are getting longer, and so much more fun! Steel Beasts is no longer a TANK sim!
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