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  1. A little M-60 Action. Only lost 1 tank assaulting a T-62 Company holding a town...
  2. Not gameplay videos, but very cool videos I found on YouTube today. These did not come up from a search; they were tank videos recommended by tank videos recommended by tank videos. Okay, first one is pretty 70s funny with the 70s scifi touch they try to add. Enjoy...
  3. I understand that having each and every tree project a shadow would kill the rendering engine. Buuuuuut... if some dark grass were just put around the base of every tree it would create a faux-shadow, and increase the realism of the graphics a lot with that little niche. ..
  4. ...and when I'm pressing "Q" as the TC I want the Vision Blocks to be one of the levels I stop and can look around.
  5. Probably already been said---but I wanna +1 the idea: Company formations. Assign platoons within a company and have them move in Company formations. Cpny CO can then order platoons to break off/divide to hit a flank, etc. I have read of company level movements where platoon leaders list of duties includes staying in the Company formation. Would make it easier when I'm working a Cavalry Troop, or just a big assault on a town or objective of some kind. Company formations. There. I said it.
  6. I just clicked this pic to make it my desktop background and lo and behold it's pointing right at the SB Pro shortcut.
  7. Okay. I feel both corrected, AND vindicated as of now.
  8. "Made in Korea" now means "Better Than "USA"?
  9. I've been searching for that video(s) and can't find it/them. That "ribbing" to hold on the SABOT looks just like what I saw as rings that flake off, superheated, and bounce around in the enemy vehicle superheated and killing or destroying everything.
  10. I just finished wiping out a Ruski battalion with a reinforced Company of US Ar-MURICA. Had a strange sense of deja vus... realized the Salisbury map is very similar to the old maps of Microprose M1 Tank Platoon. I can't put my finger on it- maybe it's the grass palette, the lack of tall grass, the town layout, I can't really put my finger on it. But it took me back and Salisbury Plains will be my reminiscing throwback map from now on.
  11. Penetration over ribbing, got it.
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