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  1. Has this been discussed before? The ability to order a unit or task force to attack a specific target. An assault target oriented, not terrain oriented. Like Right click a tank platoon, select "Attack...", then click a tank platoon. Or, infantry attack an enemy platoon. Etc.
  2. Just had a couple hours of fun taking down an armor-heavy Regiment with my enforced, armor-heavy brigade. I had the enemy set to impotent for realism sake, but within 1500 m they still were not to be trifled with. Except the T-72 platoon that broke through and zoomed right through my HQ platoon without firing a shot at the M-577s. Add to the fun I used HEMTTs to reload up all my tanks once because most were black on ammo. Man what an enjoyable, stress-relieving time I had with this after a lousy week. Imma post an edited video of the fun. The AAR will make its own post I believe! Thanks again, Ssnake and Co.!
  3. Caliber Fifty! (If you look closely...)
  4. Never met him or knew him, but want to add my condolences. He sounds like a key part of a great community. May he RIP.
  5. I found actual video someone posted of the first tank sim I ever played: I still have my paper manual (Not as good as the MP Tank Platoon manual tho)
  6. And I found this on the M-1E3... The convo in the comments raises some eyebrows as well.
  7. I thought not but that welding job on the turret front plate just made me wonder... Sloppy welding?
  8. Did Egypt get -HAs with DU armor?
  9. On the way to the -X...
  10. Did I already post this? I'm not sure. M-1A2, M-1A2 SEP 1 and M-1A2 SEP 4 Track commander and Gunner stations... I mean it's future Abrams compared to our SEP 1 Abrams.
  11. Well, that Captain (now a Lt Col) and a couple of his vet/Guard buddies in the office called the M-113 "Gavin" a bunch. I'd thought it was just an Israeli designation, but they (Oregon Nat'l Guard) adopted it in Iraq. Buuuut... now that I think about it, they hated it, so it might have been a troll-nick for it.
  12. I had a friend Army Guard who fought with these in Iraq. I asked him what he thought of them and he sat back, grinned and said, "Oh I love 'em! They burn a whole rainbow of color when they're hit. Not just orange or red, like Gavins. Just the whole damn rainbow." This was 16 years ago. <edit, post thought> But the thought that the US Army could make so much of a tool that was judged by so many as inadequate really speaks volumes about the motivation, training and budget of the troops. I mean, the good captain I refer to above did 4 tours IIRC and he always came back, as did most if not all of his troops. They weren't always in Strykers, but he did prefer them to Gavins (you can actually sit up in a Stryker) and they were quieter, as long as you stuck to roads. But I don't understand why they couldnt just us bolt in a few computers into a LAV and use that? Why did they have to hike it up higher?
  13. My old sim of yesteryear, which has been undergoing massive 3rd party mods and improvements, has gotten my attention and dragged me back into flight sims.... behold the Falcon 4 BMS F-15C free module...... To me, The F-15C is the M-1A1 of military aviation.
  14. My brother sent me this video and asked me what I thought of it: https://youtu.be/brhQqrc8xBA I responded that smaller platoons and companies would work well against a well-trained infantry in MOUT, which is the IDF's primary concern recently. Let's discuss. NO POLITICAL REPLIES. Please!
  15. Never played it, watched some videos about it... it honestly just looks... so British lol. My understanding is it still holds record for longest kill- HESH vs BMP.
  16. I thought it might be a good idea to start Social Media thread about good online individual sources for military/armor knowledge on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. To help those in the know, and moreso rising 19abcdefghijk fans, to know where to go for good armor and armor related sources of info. This occurred to me as I'm watching The Chieftan's YouTube channel as he explains the new 19Charlie designation and the reorganizing of Bradley platoons into 6 tracks per....
  17. iamfritz

    Tree Shade

    Version 1.0.0


    Awesome as the foliage is, the trees often seemed to be glowing from the inside out. I took to Photoshop and gave them shading. The new look of the trees is amazing, and for me, far more immersive!
  18. I think I figured it out.
  19. They're just 14 or 16 MB mb .zip and .rar files. Same app I've been using for years. The zipped files are just the .dds from the sim. They work fine in my game.
  20. I created a mod for trees to make them less "glowy" and look more "shadier". I zipped up the file but the website (Upload Mods page) wont accept it. It says: I compressed to both .zip and .rar. Can anyone help a civilian armchair armor LT. out? Here are some screenies of how it looks:
  21. I made a mod for trees and bushes, zipped it up but I get the following error pop-up: I've tried it as .rar and .zip I'd really like to make this contribution, it's really cool.
  22. Little something I'm working on. WIP. SEP 4, SEP 1, -A1 -Vanilla
  23. This inspired me and I was up til 2AM coming up with huge exercises to pit a reinforced Cavalry or Mech Company against. In a couple I mixed up some of the enemy to be incompetent.
  24. My longest so far was 5 hours -correction- four hours, but I spent 1 hour setting it all up. It's the one where my disabled Brad de-guns a T-72. I have been working on long term scenarios where I have a Cavalry Troop with logistics and mech infantry reinforcements to take on a multi-echelon/30 km deep enemy occupation. But I get greedy and try to push too hard thru the advance elements and lose too much of my force. I should try this again before my procedure next week, while I have all damn day long to play it through. I should post my four-hour long vid. So many people will watch it all the way through.
  25. So I took one of my favorite all time SPProPE battles and edited it down.... This is the one where an Abrams takes 13 point blank hits and keeps fighting.
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