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  1. A little M-60 Action. Only lost 1 tank assaulting a T-62 Company holding a town...
  2. Not gameplay videos, but very cool videos I found on YouTube today. These did not come up from a search; they were tank videos recommended by tank videos recommended by tank videos. Okay, first one is pretty 70s funny with the 70s scifi touch they try to add. Enjoy...
  3. I understand that having each and every tree project a shadow would kill the rendering engine. Buuuuuut... if some dark grass were just put around the base of every tree it would create a faux-shadow, and increase the realism of the graphics a lot with that little niche. ..
  4. ...and when I'm pressing "Q" as the TC I want the Vision Blocks to be one of the levels I stop and can look around.
  5. Probably already been said---but I wanna +1 the idea: Company formations. Assign platoons within a company and have them move in Company formations. Cpny CO can then order platoons to break off/divide to hit a flank, etc. I have read of company level movements where platoon leaders list of duties includes staying in the Company formation. Would make it easier when I'm working a Cavalry Troop, or just a big assault on a town or objective of some kind. Company formations. There. I said it.
  6. I just clicked this pic to make it my desktop background and lo and behold it's pointing right at the SB Pro shortcut.
  7. Okay. I feel both corrected, AND vindicated as of now.
  8. "Made in Korea" now means "Better Than "USA"?
  9. I've been searching for that video(s) and can't find it/them. That "ribbing" to hold on the SABOT looks just like what I saw as rings that flake off, superheated, and bounce around in the enemy vehicle superheated and killing or destroying everything.
  10. I just finished wiping out a Ruski battalion with a reinforced Company of US Ar-MURICA. Had a strange sense of deja vus... realized the Salisbury map is very similar to the old maps of Microprose M1 Tank Platoon. I can't put my finger on it- maybe it's the grass palette, the lack of tall grass, the town layout, I can't really put my finger on it. But it took me back and Salisbury Plains will be my reminiscing throwback map from now on.
  11. Penetration over ribbing, got it.
  12. I used to have a VHS Armor tape that showed the rings breaking off and superheating upon penetration, bouncing around inside the target vehicle and killing crew and igniting hydraulic lines and gun rounds. Seems it was a GD or official army video. Armor magazine has talked about it too. I don't have any specific references on hand as this is something I saw long ago. As tiome comes to me (lol) I'll look up and provide references but I'm pretty sure I've seen it in multiple sources.
  13. Awesome! Thank you.
  14. Ohhhhhh... the M1-IP uses the three tone and only the M1 has the solid olive drab. Is there a simple way to have the M1 IP use olive drab too? And change TC/Turret top to be solid olive drab too?
  15. Welp. I think I found it. Under "Other".
  16. I went looking for an olive drab IPM-1 skin and... didn't find any? I mean there's M1A1 skins that are olive drab but nothing for the IPM1! Looking for something like the stolen image below. Or am I missing it (include link below)?
  17. Nah. At the most extreme possible would be a non-playable Merkava for... somehting. But even then I don't think we even know how much they tricked out their M-60s and Shermans even. I think it's a beaufitul question but the universal answer is "Nah."
  18. I'll second the motion. 🙋‍♂️
  19. Read an article in Armor |Magazine about how effective Israeli M-60 105s were against Arab T-72s. Every shot was a kill shot, but the Ruski tanks didn't always blow up, and would sometimes take 7,8 to even 9 shots from different passing tank crews. This was what inspired German/US weapon designers to put small rings around the new 120mm DU round, which upon penetration of the enemy's armor, would break off the dart, super-heated and pinging around inside the tank setting anything and everything on fire. Impressed with the 105, even if it WAS just against the vanilla T-72. More impressed with the 120mm rounds tho.
  20. Fun mission using the "Drop Red Brigade about here" function in the Mission Builder. Took a company of IPM-1s, a Pltn of Bradleys and and a pltn of M-60A3s (which died instantly but went down fighting) to fend off their attack. The AT missile platoon stopped 2 platoons of M-1s and I had to mortar them to get them to stop. Only had 2 non-immobilized Abrams left end of mission. First mission I've fought only from one tank, just directing everyone else around using the map. Had to repair my tracks twice tho.
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